Imagem: John Textor e Leila Pereira / Divulgação

North American businessman John Textor, owner of Botafogo, remains at the center of a controversy involving manipulation of results in the Brasileirão 2023.

But, although analyzes and investigations have not proven that there was manipulation so far, Textor reaffirmed that the confrontation between Botafogo and Palmeiras was faked.

John Textor criticizes an expulsion in the game

The move in question was the expulsion of defender Adryelson, which, according to Textor, was an error by the VAR team led by Rafael Traci. In other words, this decision would have given Palmeiras a numerical advantage that contributed to the turnaround in the match.

But, watching the video, Traci claimed that Breno Lopes had a clear goal condition when he passed the Botafogo defender. However, Textor challenged the referee, stating that the play did not present all the necessary elements for this statement.

Furthermore, Textor accused the VAR team of intentionally hiding an image in which Adryelson kicks the ball and then collides with the Palmeiras attacker.

So, for John Textor, the lack of these scenes contributed to a mistaken assessment by the referee. They were not presented to referee Bráulio da Silva Machado during the game.

Response to Leila Pereira’s statements at the Senate Betting CPI

The exhibition of the video by John Textor took place this Wednesday (5), the same day that Leila Pereira, Palmeiras representative, criticized the businessman at the CPI about manipulating results in Brasília. Leila stated in her testimony that John Textor had no evidence and, therefore, the atmosphere heated up.

John Textor also fired at Senator Jorge Kajuru, responsible for the investigations. The businessman accused Kajuru of seeking just 15 minutes of fame and stated that the politician was a Palmeiras fan.