CPI vai ouvir Leila Pereira
Imagem: Leila Pereira / Reprodução Instagram

The Senate’s Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on Manipulation of Games and Sports Betting scheduled crucial testimonies. The president of Palmeiras, Leila Pereira, will be heard on June 5, at 2 pm, after postponement at her own request.

Wilson Luiz Seneme, head of the CBF Arbitration Commission, will testify on June 6, at 10 am.

The alviverde leader requested the postponement of the testimony, which was initially scheduled alongside that of the president of São Paulo, Julio Casares.

Meanwhile, Wilson Luiz Seneme’s hearing, postponed due to the floods in Rio Grande do Sul, is scheduled for the following morning.

CPI das Apostas will hear delayed testimony in June

On the same day, Hélio Santos Menezes Junior, director of Governance and Compliance at CBF, will also give a statement. Because he did not appear on the initially scheduled date, when Eduardo Gussem, CBF integrity officer, and Julio Avellar, competitions director, gave their testimony.

According to parliamentarians, these statements are extremely important and promise to resolve some issues involving the national sporting scene.

The CPI on the Manipulation of Games and Sports Betting in the Senate began following a request from several senators concerned about the integrity of sporting competitions in Brazil following statements by John Textor, owner of Botafogo.

He was the first invited to give testimony and delivered extensive material to parliamentarians. The businessman claims that Palmeiras benefited in the last two Brazilian Championships. Leila Pereira, in turn, has already taken Textor to court.

Even so, the investigation was launched to investigate possible cases of manipulation of results and fraud in order to protect the transparency and fairness of the national sporting scene. Therefore, the CPI can last up to 180 days.