Contratações no setor de apostas crescem 37% nos quatro primeiros meses após a regulamentação
Foto: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

The regulation of sports betting and online gaming in Brazil, approved by the National Congress at the end of last year, has opened up countless opportunities for professionals in the sector.

According to Michael Page, a consultancy specializing in senior management recruitment, hiring rose 37% in the first four months of this year compared to the same period in 2023.

The bill defined rules for operations in the national territory, but the Ministry of Finance continues to publish ordinances to implement the legislation.

“With the regulation, companies in the sports betting industry gained legal security, as it generated confidence to invest and structure their operations in Brazil”, says Lucas Papa, executive manager at Michael Page, to Estadão.

Therefore, groups are prioritizing the search for professionals with a leadership profile and experience in operations management, especially in the areas of finance, marketing and compliance.

Professionals plus requirements for the betting sector in Brazil

The consultancy pointed out the most requested functions currently, whose salaries can reach R$45 thousand.

Chief Marketing Officer: Responsible for brand positioning and communication strategies, covering digital marketing, branding, community management and influencers. Requirements: International experience in various marketing modalities. Remuneration: R$30 thousand to R$45 thousand.

Legal/Compliance Director: Leads the group’s legal and regulatory issues, ensuring compliance with measures and protection of the organization’s interests. Requirements: Law degree, postgraduate degree and minimum experience of eight years in an office or company. Remuneration: R$20 thousand to R$30 thousand.

Chief Financial Officer: Manages the company’s finances, covering segments such as budget planning, financial control and results reporting. Requirements: Experience in financial management and accounting. Remuneration: Above R$30 thousand.

According to Estadão, information about the increase in demand for professionals in the online betting segment was obtained through analysis of the consultancy’s internal data, as well as other details about the functions in vogue in the country.