Foto: Waldemir Barreto/Agência Senado

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on Sports Betting in the Senate is expected to begin its work this Wednesday (17). In this first session, committee members will present the work plan and vote on invitations to testify.

Senators will meet regularly twice a week, as scheduled, always on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting at 3pm and 2pm, respectively. The Senate established a deadline of 180 days for the CPI, during which the commission will carry out the necessary investigations.

Mondays will be reserved for receiving testimony from individuals whose testimony is of particular interest to the committee members. An advantage of this day is the absence of plenary sessions, allowing senators to dedicate more time to interviews and necessary clarifications.

On the other hand, on Wednesdays, the sessions will be shorter and will focus mainly on the approval of applications, invitations and summons, in addition to allowing the hearing of witnesses less relevant to the work in progress.

Understand the Sports Betting CPI

The Sports Betting CPI aims to investigate possible irregularities and promote transparency in the sports betting market in the country. Thus, the opening of this CPI reflects the Senate’s interest in closely examining this sector, which has been growing significantly in recent years.

Senator Romário (PL-RJ) was chosen as rapporteur, while the presidency and vice-presidency were handled by senators Kajuru (PSB-GO) and Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE), respectively.

Photo: Roque de Sá/Agência Senado

Kajuru highlighted that the owner of SAF do Botafogo, John Textor, will be one of the first to give testimony before the commission. The businessman recently made harsh accusations, claiming to have evidence of match-fixing in Brazilian football.

However, nothing has been proven so far and the clubs mentioned by Textor promise to take legal action.