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Imagem: FPF / Divulgação

Sports betting continues to be an important source of revenue for Portuguese sports federations. They generated almost 67 million euros last year, with a significant increase compared to 2022.

The Portuguese government revealed that, among the funds distributed to sports organizations, Santa Casa da Misericórdia and Tourism, they gained 66.9 million euros. In other words, this value is almost double the value allocated annually by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ) to all federations.

Money from sports betting finances several sports

Online betting was highlighted and responsible for distributing a record amount of 50.4 million euros. This represents a significant increase compared to the 16.5 million raised by Placard, which registered a slight drop compared to the 17.4 million in 2022.

Sports federations receive a portion of the special online gambling tax, corresponding to 37.5%. The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) continues to be the main beneficiary, with a total of 37.9 million euros in 2023.

While the Portuguese League is the second one that received the most money, 29.1 million euros, with a total of 76.2 million euros since 2015.

Other collective modalities also benefited from sports betting, although in more modest amounts:

  • Tennis received 9.1 million
  • Basketball 5.2 million
  • Voleibol 500 mil euros
  • Handebol 417 mil euros
  • Badminton 96 mil euros 
  • Bilhar 51 mil euros
  • Roller hockey with 50 thousand euros

The Portuguese government transferred a total of 3,491 euros to the Olympic Committee and in last place was the Surfing Federation with just one euro. Therefore, the disparity between the different modalities is clear.

So overall, despite there being some discrepancies, sports betting has played a significant role in financing sport in Portugal. They have benefited various sports, Olympic sports and sports organizations.