Jogo responsável é motivo de atenção das empresas de apostas esportivas

Sports betting sites have become very popular in recent years in Brazil. Increasingly present in advertisements in traditional and online media and in sponsorships ranging from football team shirts to music shows, the segment also caught the government’s attention.

Law 14,790/23, which regulates online sports betting, was sanctioned at the beginning of the year. Companies and bettors will be taxed and rules have been defined for operating the service and sharing revenue, among other points.

Sports betting makes a profit but still generates a lot of concern

Therefore, there is an entire industry around online betting, generating jobs, income and now revenue for the State. However, there is also a whole concern from society so that an experience created to be fun for users happens in a responsible way.

The companies in the segment themselves support the responsible gaming movement. This is the case of PayBrokers, a company specialized in payment solutions for the regulated sports betting and iGaming market.

Leader in the Brazilian payment market, it has prioritized the creation of a safe environment for players, mainly with fraud prevention measures and socially responsible practices.

But a growing concern is the promotion of responsible gambling, encouraging the practice as a form of entertainment and reducing the associated risks.

“It is essential that we implement actions that ensure that games are played in a safe, traceable and controlled manner”, says Edson Lenzi, CEO of PayBrokers.

“Our company is committed to providing clear information to users, helping them make informed decisions and avoiding problems related to addiction and excessive financial losses.”

Therefore, PayBrokers makes self-exclusion tools available to operators, allowing users to temporarily or permanently withdraw from gaming activities if self-control issues are identified.

Thus, it is also possible to establish deposit and betting limits, ensuring that players do not exceed their financial capabilities.

In 2023, the legal director of PayBrokers, Ricardo Feijó, launched the book “Complete Guide to Responsible Gaming”.

As a reference on the topic, Feijó guides players with clear information and encourages conscious decisions, with the intention of preventing addiction and excessive financial losses. The work seeks to contribute to the debate on the topic.

About PayBrokers

The PayBrokers Group is a conglomerate made up of a financial institution, a payments institution and an international payments facilitator.

The company provides a complete financial ecosystem for national and international companies from different segments.

Therefore, with a focus on robust compliance policies, as well as risk control, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering tools, the group provides:

  • Speed ​​in transactions
  • Highly stable infrastructure
  • Financial services focused on customer growth
  • Constant innovation to boost the growth of its partners in Brazil.