Popó x Bambam: luta de boxe é a mais aguardada do Fight Music Show 4
Foto: Fight Music Show 4/Divulgação

The clash between Popó x Bambam will take place this Saturday (24). The boxing fight between former BBB Kleber Bambam and fighter Acelino ‘Popó’ Freitas is the most anticipated of Fight Music Show 4, on Vibra São Paulo.

The event will take place from 9:45 pm with broadcast on pay TV, while the opening TV broadcast will take place in recorded form throughout the morning. The preliminary card of the event will be broadcast live on YouTube.

Popó x Bambam

Last Thursday (22), the two fought, participated in an open training session in a shopping mall in the capital of São Paulo and exchanged accusations to heat up the duel even more.

“I already know its loopholes. You have millions of gaps and Pelé (Landi) half knocked you out, you fell on your knees against him. I saw this semi knockout. I’ll do worse, you’ll go to sleep”, said BamBam about Popó.

“About BamBam, I don’t want to give that answer now, because the best answer we can give to a loudmouth and a braggart like him is inside the ring,” said Popó.

“But I wanted you to give me this answer, saying: Bambam, you’re going to fall!”, added the boxer.

Bookmakers indicate Popó’s favoritism

Four-time world boxing champion, Popó is the favorite at the main bookmakers – and there are reasons for that.

Established in the world of fights, he has a 41-2 record, while the champion of the first edition of the BBB does not have any professional fights.

In the fourth edition of the FMS, Popó is preparing to participate in the organization for the fourth time.

Previously, the boxer knocked out YouTuber Junior Dublê and MMA legend José “Pelé” Landy, in addition to participating in an exhibition with comedian Whindersson Nunes.

On the other hand, Bambam will debut in boxing. Despite being bigger, the former BBB will have one of the main names in Brazilian boxing as his opponent.

Fight Music Show 4 – Full card


  • Acelino Popó Freitas x Kleber Bambam (boxing)
  • Nego do Borel x MC Gui (boxing)
  • Emilene Juarez x Fernanda Lacerda (boxing)
  • Thomaz Costa x Luiz Otávio Mesquita (boxing)
  • Pobre Loco e Sheviii2k x Reyphysique e Cavalo (boxing)


  • Fábio Maldonado x Leo Leleco (boxing)
  • Lucas Bomba x Martin Farley (MMA)
  • Wellington Souza x Hugo Paiva (MMA)
  • Pedro Oliveira x Max Alves (MMA)