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Imagem: Ministério da Fazenda / Divulgação

The recent appointments to the Prizes and Betting Secretariat bring new names to key positions, promising renewed and dynamic management in this sector.

With the arrival of Daniela Olímpio de Oliveira as Undersecretary for Authorization and Simone Aparecida Vicentini as Deputy Secretary, the expectation is that there will be significant changes in policies and regulations related to sports betting in Brazil.

Main appointments at the DOU

The Official Gazette of the Union (DOU) announced, this Tuesday (21), changes in important positions in the Ministry of Finance, bringing news that impacts the national financial scenario. Among the nominations, the following stand out:

  • Adriana Teixeira Toledo assumes the presidency of the National Financial System Resources Council and the Resources Council of the National Private Insurance, Open Private Pension and Capitalization System (CRSNSP). Its designation promises to strengthen these bodies, which are essential for regulating and supervising the sector.
  • Rafael Dubeux will occupy the position of deputy executive secretary of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance. Your prior experience qualifies you for this prominent new role.
  • Prizes and Bets Secretariat: Daniela Olímpio de Oliveira takes over as undersecretary for Authorization, and Simone Aparecida Vicentini as deputy secretary. These changes promise to bring new approaches and dynamism to the area.

Appointments related to the Prizes and Betting Secretariat

  • André Luiz Gonçalves Garcia – general betting authorization coordinator
  • Antônia Alberlania Ferreira Rufino – technical assistant for coordination of authorization and accountability for the general coordination of authorization of commercial promotions
  • Dayane Rodrigues de Souza – technical assistant for general regulatory coordination
  • Frederico Alves Soares Justo – general coordinator of money laundering monitoring
  • Kelvin Gabriel da Costa Coelho – technical assistant at the sanctioning action department
  • Leilla Raphaella da Silva Ferreira – technical assistant for responsible gaming coordination
  • Letícia Soeiro – responsible gaming monitoring coordinator
  • Lília Alves Pereira – assistant
  • Marcelo Damato – advisor executive
  • Marluce dos Santos Borges – chief of staff
  • Renato Perez Pucci – general systems coordinator
  • Rosângela Fragoso de Mendonça Santiago – office assistant

In other words, the creation of the Secretariat for Prizes and Bets (SPA) marks an advance in the ministerial structure, consolidating its competencies and team.

The SPA will regulate the fixed-odds betting market, including betting and online casino games. Furthermore, the municipality is responsible for lotteries and commercial promotions previously under the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance.

Therefore, this is a very relevant topic both for betting houses that want to become legal, and for the government, which wants to increase its revenue.

After all, the release of the list of the first companies authorized to explore sports betting in Brazil is scheduled for July this year.