Apostas esportivas podem aumentar o endividamento
Foto: Reprodução - PT

The Federal Government is planning to impose restrictions on payment for sports bets. The measure aims to implement new rules that will limit payment options for those involved in online betting.

According to information released by “Folha de São Paulo”, only Pix and debit cards will be authorized for transactions related to fixed-rate betting, covering the well-known sports betting and online games.

Greater transparency and control for sports betting

The main motivation behind this decision is to direct betting resources exclusively to the bettors’ own bank accounts.

By restricting the use of credit cards, the government aims to prevent situations of over-indebtedness and try to combat addictions related to the habit of betting.

Therefore, the new proposed measures will require players to directly link their data to the PIX key. This seeks to provide greater transparency and control of transactions that are made between players and betting websites.

All of this government concern is because of the recent approval by the National Congress of legislation that regulates online sports betting.

In other words, President Lula sanctioned this law, but carried out some vetoes on certain specific points.

Ministry of Finance wants to increase revenue

It is clear that all this concern by the Ministry of Finance aims to increase the Federal Government’s revenue. Thus, one of Minister Fernando Haddad’s ambitious goals is the elimination of the fiscal deficit by 2024.

The project’s rapporteur, senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA), estimates that this measure could result in revenue of up to R$10 billion.

Therefore, this decision represents a significant milestone in the sports betting scenario in Brazil, highlighting the search for greater control and regulation, in addition to contributing to the country’s economic recovery efforts.