Rafael Ribeiro/ CBF

The nine football federations in the Northeast have joined forces with Sportradar in an unprecedented effort to combat match-fixing in sport.

In collaboration with the company specialized in technological solutions for sports integrity, an agreement was established aimed at implementing a preventive system.

While this initiative aims to create an exclusive online educational platform for clubs in the region.

Virtual training for Northeast Federations

The federations already have the platform available, and it is their responsibility to forward it to their affiliated clubs.

In this virtual environment, players and technical committees, both in grassroots and professional football, will have access to videos and training covering crucial topics, such as:

  • Fundamental concepts about manipulation of results;
  • Operation of the betting market;
  • Relations with organized crime;
  • Strategies used by manipulators;
  • Regulations in force in Brazil and FIFA regarding betting;
  • Consequences for those who commit irregularities.

Additionally, federations will have the ability to monitor club performance by checking players’ progress on the platform.

This includes the ability to identify who is dedicating time to the available content. Therefore, educational video content is approximately 25 minutes long.

At the end of training, players are submitted to a questionnaire, subsequently receiving a certificate of participation.

It is worth noting that involvement in activities related to match manipulation not only entails sporting punishments, but also involves the formation of a criminal history for the athlete, subjecting him to threats and blackmail.

Feijó, an expert on the subject, highlighted the importance of this initiative.

“If a high-level player, from Serie A, was convinced to do this (manipulation), imagine going down the level, to Copinha athletes, who don’t receive a salary and have little chance of becoming professionals?”

“The further we go down the pyramid, the more susceptible they are. Anyone who accepts is breaking a fundamental principle of the game,” he added.

About the Sportradar integrity report

It is crucial to highlight that, according to Sportradar’s annual integrity report, Brazil ended last year as the country with the highest number of matches suspected of match-fixing across the world.

This innovative project seeks to reverse this scenario and strengthen the integrity of Brazilian football, with the support of Sportradar, recognized for collaborating with entities such as CBF, Uefa and FIFA.