MLB, Epic Global e Entain se unem para conscientizar atletas sobre apostas

Major League Baseball (MLB) has secured partnerships with EPIC Global Solutions and Entain Foundation US.

Following the agreement, MLB will work with EPIC Global Solutions and Entain Foundation US to advance its work in educating players about gambling prevention.

Minor league players and other professionals chosen by MLB will receive live educational sessions from EPIC Global Solutions focused on responsible gaming and mental health.

In addition to other contributions, Entain Foundation US will provide financial support to EPIC Global Solutions so that the sessions can be held.

Details of the partnership between MLB, Epic Global and Entain

Quest Meeks, vice president of sports betting and marketing compliance at MLB, said: “We believe the EPIC program’s impressive facilitators, including a former minor league player, will communicate critical insights into gambling harm prevention in compelling ways.” .

“Our younger minor league players, especially, are entering the league at a time when sports betting is an increasingly prominent part of the sports ecosystem.”

“We want to help these players avoid gambling-related pitfalls that can disrupt not only their careers, but also their everyday lives in general,” added Meeks.


While Ben McGregor, director of sports partnerships at EPIC Global Solutions, said: “We are pleased to be able to support baseball in taking a proactive stance in protecting players from gambling-related harm through our innovative lived experience approach by sharing first-hand stories from those who have experienced gambling disorders.”

He also stated: “Working with such an iconic American institution provides a unique opportunity to not only help players connected to every franchise, but also the broader supporter base across the country, who can learn more about the potential effects of game damage through the higher profile this program will generate.

“We are grateful to Major League Baseball and the US Entain Foundation for providing this platform for broader awareness,” he added.

Martin Lycka, Entain senior vice president for regulatory affairs and responsible gaming and trustee of the Entain Foundation U.S., also spoke out.

“Entain Foundation U.S. is proud to support EPIC Risk Management’s effort to educate the Major League Baseball community about problem gambling.”

“We must take a preventative approach to the harm caused by gambling, especially those involved in sports. Therefore, educating the baseball community about responsible gaming practices is a critical measure,” Lycka concluded.