Foto: Divulgação/Lottopar

Lottopar, in collaboration with the Government of Paraná, gave the green light for the start of sports betting operations in the state.

This milestone, which took place last Friday, saw eight companies apply, of which four are already authorized and legalized to offer sports betting to the people of Paraná.

The other four, despite being accredited, have not yet completed the licensing process.

Importance of betting on authorized sites

Lottopar’s CEO, Daniel Romanowski, warns about the importance of using authorized sites for betting.

“Lottopar carried out rigorous operator accreditation, as well as an integration stage with numerous tests to ensure that the entire process is safe and reliable.”

“In addition, Lottopar has accredited international testing and certification laboratories, which now operate in Paraná, to ensure that sports betting operators’ systems are safe and reliable,” added Romanowski.

Authorized betting sites offer security to bettors and guarantee that part of the funds collected benefit services and projects of the Government of Paraná.

These funds are allocated for investments in popular housing, public security and social actions. To date, the grant has resulted in the collection of R$20 million.

Companies authorized by Lottopar and transparency

Companies authorized to operate sports betting in Paraná include Apostou, BPlay, Aposta.La and PixBet.

Lottopar employees participate in the transition to the State’s new financial system

In the final process of transition to the new financial system – Single and Integrated System of Budget Execution, Financial Administration, Accounting and Control (Siafic) –, the State Secretariat for Finance is inviting employees from other government bodies to participate in this migration process.

The Lottopar employees who make up this team are financial manager Elizangela Aparecida Cordeiro, Angela Andrea Biazoli Betenheuser and Anderson Ribeiro da Silva.

The meetings are periodic and seek alignment between the different Government departments so that migration occurs in a scheduled manner and so that when the new system comes into operation it delivers even more transparency and quality in the application of public resources.