Exclusivo Igor Liporase, da Sportybet, fala da sua expansão no Brasil e no mundo.

Igor Liporase came to talk about SportyBet. SportyBet is a sports betting platform expanding in Brazil and around the world.

It has been increasing its presence in the country through improving the user experience on its website and its advanced technology.

Therefore, the iGaming Brazil portal spoke with Igor Liporase, Business Development Manager at SportyBet, who told us about the company

Igor Liporase Clare has been in the field of sports management since its formation, working for clubs such as Manchester City and Liverpool FC (Customer Insights).

At SportyBet he took on the role of Business Developer Manager and spoke with iGaming Brazil about the platform’s projects.

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iGaming Brazil – Tell us a little about SportyBet, how is its planning and penetration in Brazil?

Igor Liporase – SportyBet is a globally renowned online entertainment platform that has been rapidly expanding its presence worldwide.

Our remarkable success is attributed to our advanced technology, which provides users with a secure environment while enjoying a unique range of games, real sports betting and bespoke content; all of this with the best user experience.

We have strengthened our position through strategic partnerships with prestigious clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester City, as well as endorsement agreements with football icons like Eder Militão and Michael Essien.

Regarding our presence in Brazil, we have witnessed a steady growth in our user base, and we are pleased with the progress we have made thus far, but we expect to grow much more in the upcoming months

Our focus has also been on enhancing the overall customer experience during these initial months of our operation.

Customer experience is an integral part of our DNA, and we continuously conduct research on market behavior and live tests on our platforms to ensure we provide the best product possible.

Over the past few months, we have conducted interviews with hundreds of people to gather valuable information.

In recent months, we have conducted interviews with hundreds of individuals to gather valuable insights. Brazil represents a long-term commitment for us, and we are dedicated to putting forth every effort to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to become the best platform in the country.

iGaming Brazil – How does the partnership signed just over a month ago with Sportradar and WSC Sports work to improve the live sports betting experience for SportyBet users in Brazil? (According to an article by iGaming Brazil – “SportyBet will be the first betting platform in Brazil to take advantage of Sportradar’s “Live Channel Promotion” to send personalized push notifications that include real-time updates.)

Igor Liporase – This partnership positions SportyBet as a trailblazer, granting our users access to real-time content from key moments in Copa Libertadores matches.

It not only simplifies the process of tracking open bets for our users but also empowers them to make more informed decisions during the events, all while enhancing the overall entertainment value of their experience.

This collaboration aligns seamlessly with our overarching objectives of merging the worlds of sports betting and football entertainment — two passions that resonate deeply with Brazilians.

iGaming Brazil – What differentiates SportyBet from other platforms? What would you highlight?

Igor Liporase – At SportyBet, we have unwavering confidence in our technology and our product. Cutting-edge technology allows us to provide our customers with an unparalleled user experience.

Our products are faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly, giving our customers a clear advantage.

Our investment in cutting-edge technology is not just a one-time effort; it’s a part of our organizational culture.

We continually seek out and adopt the latest advancements in the field, ensuring that our products and services are always equipped with the most advanced tools and features available

Moreover, we offer the most competitive odds and the fastest deposit and withdrawal processes in the industry.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to position SportyBet as the best entertainment platform in the market.

The partnership with Sportradar and WSC Sports, as previously mentioned, is just one of the initiatives we’ve been actively pursuing in this endeavor.

We have also introduced a new feature in Brazil called “Clonar Aposta,” which allows users to easily replicate their friends’ or tipsters’ bets.

Users simply need to copy the ticket code from their friends or tipsters and enter it into the “Clonar Aposta” section, effortlessly mirroring the same bet.

Furthermore, we are developing a range of new features, games, and experiences set to launch in the upcoming months.

These innovations will play a pivotal role in supporting our company’s overarching goal—to position SportyBet as the #1 entertaining platform in the market.

iGaming Brazil – What are SportyBet’s future media and sponsorship projects? If possible. More focused on football or other sports?

Igor Liporase – We are very selective with our partnerships and sponsorship projects. There needs to be a clear return on the investment added value to our users.

We are actively prospecting opportunities, both in the digital and offline realms, for the upcoming year. Additionally, we are producing a new TV commercial featuring Éder Militão, which will serve as the centerpiece of our 2024 campaign.

In terms of our sporting priorities, we continue to place great emphasis on football as the primary driver of our platform, but we want to make sure we meet the expectations of our user community.

Our partnerships with football stars such as PH Ganso, Éder Militão, Thiago Neves, and Thiago Galhardo align seamlessly with this strategy.

iGaming Brazil – Are you thinking about expanding to other countries in Latin America?

Igor Liporase – We maintain an ongoing commitment to explore new opportunities, which also includes territories.

Based on our past experiences, we’ve observed that our multicultural team excels at adapting to local demands and consistently delivering exceptional performance.

We are conducting a thorough analysis of the next strategic steps within the Latam region and beyond.

iGaming Brazil – How do you see the sports betting market in Brazil? What are SportyBet’s expectations for this year in relation to the new MP and regulation of betting houses and casinos?

Igor Liporase – Brazil presents a compelling business opportunity for us. The country boasts a passionate sports culture, and in recent years, the gambling industry has experienced remarkable growth.

It is a vast market, and its current lack of regulation has piqued the interest of numerous bookmakers.

However, it’s crucial to note that our approach to the Brazilian market is rooted in a long-term perspective.

In terms of the new MP (legislation) and regulatory developments, we are diligently monitoring the situation.

We have high hopes for establishing a regulatory framework that will benefit all stakeholders within our industry. This includes not only operators but also the local authorities and, most importantly, the users who are the lifeblood of our industry.

Our top priority is to ensure that they can engage in a safe and enjoyable gaming environment, where they can fully enjoy their experience.

iGaming Brazil – What data security and confidentiality methods or policies do you use to protect the bettor and SportyBet?

Igor Liporase – Ensuring the security of our users’ data is our utmost priority.

We understand the importance of protecting personal and sensitive information in today’s digital landscape.

At SportyBet, we have implemented a data minimization and restricted access control policy, which means that data access is limited to authorized personnel only.

Access to sensitive user information is granted on a need-to-know basis, and a robust access control is usually in place. Personal data is collected only when necessary and for legitimate purposes.

We also recognize the importance of staying updated with the most relevant certifications, and we take this responsibility seriously. We have established our own robust information security management system, aligning it with international standards.

We continually review and refine this system to ensure it not only meets but exceeds industry benchmarks.

Our entire team is fully cognizant of the ongoing effort required to achieve excellence in this area, and we collectively exert ourselves to uphold these standards.