Torcedor aposta R$43 na Betfair em virada do Palmeiras em cima do Botafogo e fatura R$4.300

The game between Botafogo and Palmeiras, valid for the Brazilian Championship, was epic both for the emotion and the opportunities generated throughout the 90 minutes. A Betfair bettor believed in the turnaround of Abel Ferreira’s team and did very well.

Behind 3×0 at the end of the first half, Palmeiras had a odd of 100 to turn the game around and win 3×4. However, one lucky person believed in the alviverde team’s ability to react.

The clock marks thirty-six minutes of the first half and the Botafogo fans light Nilton Santos on fire as they celebrate the 3-0 score for Botafogo against Palmeiras, in the 31st round of the Brasileirão.

A spectacle for fans to enjoy: Fogão was intense and devastating in the first half. He dominated his opponent, finished 15 times and guaranteed another 3 points at the top of the Brazilian championship.

But everyone knows that there are things that only happen to Botafogo. Would anyone believe and still bet on a 3×4 victory for visiting Palmeiras?

Bets on Palmeiras by Abel Ferreira

Twelve Betfair bettors believed in Palmeiras’ victory exactly with the score of 4-3, but these were bets made before the game even started.

However, the lucky one was a bettor, the only one on the bookmaker’s entire platform, who believed in Verdão’s heroic and historic turnaround and performed his feat live. This while Palmeiras was still behind on the scoreboard by 3×0.

While losing 3×0, the odds of Palmeiras winning 3×4 was 100.0, that is, a profit of R$99.00 for each real bet, but an implicit probability of just 1% of this happening!

This visionary bettor decided to pay and see and, even before the ball rolled in the second half, he bet R$43.00 on the final score of 3×4 for Verdão.

One disallowed goal, one expulsion, one missed penalty and three goals scored later, the turning point happened. And the fan ended the night with a whopping R$4,300 in his pocket.

Betfair Botafogo Palmeiras
Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras / By Canon

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