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FIFA has elevated Alef Manga’s suspension to a global scale, a drastic measure that expands the restriction previously confined to Brazil.

The striker, linked to Coritiba and loaned to Pafos FC in Cyprus, is now unable to play in any official competition around the world.

Understand the case of Alef Manga

At 28, Manga faces the consequences of his confession in a match-fixing scheme.

Football‘s highest governing body acted quickly, imposing a 360-day suspension and a significant fine of R$50,000. This action by FIFA reflects the seriousness with which the body treats infringements of integrity in sport.

During his period at Pafos, which would last until mid-2024, Manga participated in six matches, almost always as a starter.

Despite his frequent presence on the field, the striker was unable to leave his mark on the scoreboard, not registering goals or assists.

His commitment to Coritiba, the club that holds his rights, remains active until the end of 2023.

The agreement signed with the Cypriot team included a specific clause for an eventuality like this: if Manga received a suspension at world level, Pafos would be exempt from loan costs.

With FIFA’s decision, this clause became effective immediately.

Alef Manga’s punishment

The penalty applied to the player began on the last day of July, after accusations that Manga had manipulated the obtaining of a yellow card in exchange for R$45,000.

Manga’s last moment on the field for Coritiba was a goal in the 3-1 victory against América-MG, in a Brasileirão match held at the Couto Pereira stadium.

This game, which took place on July 8, now takes on a farewell tone, given the uncertainty about when the striker will be able to play again.

The STJD had initially ordered Manga suspended for one year, in addition to a fine of R$30,000. However, in September, there was an increase in the financial penalty, increasing the fine to R$50,000.