Betfair realiza pesquisa sobre possíveis títulos da Libertadores e Hexa de Fernando Diniz
Foto: Vitor Silva/CBF

Next Saturday, the 4th, Fluminense can win their first CONMEBOL Libertadores. With this in mind, Betfair carried out a survey on what Brazilian fans expect from Fernando Diniz.

Thus, the Rio team will play “at home” against Boca Juniors, the second team that won the most in the continental competition.

Who can also win his first tournament title is Fernando Diniz, commander of Tricolor das Laranjeiras and who today splits between the club and the Brazilian team.

Fernando Diniz’s expectations at Libertadores and Hexa

The survey, carried out by research consultant Renata Bendit on the Offerwise platform and developed by Betfair, interviewed 1004 people, men and women, fans of the main Brazilian clubs, from all regions of Brazil between classes A, B, C and D.

In the sample, it was found that 55% of Brazilians believe that, if Fernando Diniz wins the Libertadores title, he increases his chances of bringing the sixth championship to Brazil with the Brazilian team.


Fluminense fans are the ones who most believe in the double chance of titles, with 86%. And, considering all the teams interviewed, only Palmeiras fans are not the majority regarding the statement, when only 47% believe in the coach’s double.

Challenge at the FIFA Club World Cup

The English team, already guaranteed the next FIFA Club World Cup in December, is seen as the team to beat.

The survey revealed that 67% of Brazilian fans believe that Fluminense would be a more balanced opponent against Manchester City than Boca Juniors in the possible World Cup final.

Interestingly, it is not Fluminense fans who believe this most, but Vasco da Gama fans, with an impressive 84% of those interviewed.

The fans who least believe in this possibility are also from Rio de Janeiro. Despite still being the majority when responding about the chances, Flamengo fans lead the confidence in Boca Juniors in the World Cup final, with 39% of those interviewed.

Does Fluminense have a World Cup?

Another question in the survey was about Fluminense’s world title. Like Palmeiras, Tricolor won the Copa Rio, a tournament with Brazilian and foreign clubs, in the 1950s, in 1952.

However, although football’s highest governing body (FIFA) currently recognizes the title, the majority of those interviewed do not consider it valid.

Only 38% of Brazilian fans who responded agree that Fluminense are world champions, while 39% do not believe it, and 23% have no opinion.

It is worth mentioning that, for some teams, the majority of interviewees recognize Fluminense’s world title.

The Rio team has a 46% chance of winning (2.0 odds), while their Argentine rivals have 24% (4.0 odds) and a draw represents 30% (3.0 odds), which would take the game to extra time.

In addition, Betfair launched an exclusive website with the results of this survey and additional information about the Libertadores da América final.

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