IGE lança segundo módulo de curso sobre apostas esportivas e integridade
Foto: Joédson Alves / Agência Brasil

With the sports betting regulation pending in the Senate and the intense debate among civil society, the sector is attracting more and more attention in Brazil. With this in mind, the IGE (Sports Management Institute) launched an initiative aimed at qualifying professionals and interested people.

IGE (Institute of Sports Management), a specialized consultancy with an emphasis on governance, launched the second module of an innovative course on sports betting and integrity, given the growth of activity in the country and recent allegations of match-fixing in football.

It is worth noting that the results manipulation scheme was discovered by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO) and resulted in Operation Maximum Penalty. To date, several people have been investigated and arrested, as well as football players punished by the sports courts with bans, suspensions and fines.

IGE sports betting schedule

Sports Betting Course Structure and Integrity

Lasting 30 hours, the activities take place via zoom. There are 15 online or recorded classes. Module 1 focused on the issue of integrity and payment and marketing methods.

Module 2 will continue to cover sports betting, but will deal with international licensing, certification and state lotteries.

Subscribers receive a 71-page e-book about igaming, sports betting and lotteries.

It is an opportunity to clarify doubts and complex procedures such as:

  • How to open a bookmaker?
  • Where to register?
  • What is the best place to open a license?
  • Taxes?
  • Does it collide with the lottery service?
  • How to prevent money laundering?
  • How to increase lottery management and revenue?
  • How can blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies help to increase security and profitability?

According to the IGE course director, Filipe Alves Rodrigues, the course is a huge success. “There are students from other countries already enrolled. And teachers are great references in the betting and lottery market”, he added.


  • Pietro Cardia Lorenzoni 
  • Thuan Gritz 
  • Marcio Mansour 
  • Edson Antonio Lenzi Filho 
  • Ricardo de Paula Feijó 
  • Amilton Noble 
  • Alessandro Lisboa  
  • Marco A. Taurisano 
  • Pedro Gurek 
  • Witoldo Hendrich Júnior 
  • Rodrigo Ikegaya 
  • Roberto Carvalho Brasil Fernandes 


  • Filipe Alves Rodrigues
IGE sports betting

About the IGE Instituto de Gestão Esportiva

The objective of IGE is to develop and execute actions, in the academic and social sphere, developing reflection on their direct impact on the environment; regarding best practices in the management of Compliance, Governance and integrity of sport in Brazil.