Manipulação de resultados STJD pune nove e absolve três jogadores
Foto: Sérgio Rangel / STJD

The Plenum of the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) punished nine players this Thursday (28) for match-fixing in Brazilian football in 2022. Sidcley, Jesus and Pedrinho were acquitted.

The athletes were punished with different sentences (from 360 days to 720 days, in addition to elimination) by the auditors of the last instance of the Sports Court.

The STJD Prosecutor’s Office’s complaint was based on evidence collected by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Goiás in Operation Maximum Penalty.

Player is banned from football for involvement in match-fixing

The player Diego Porfírio had his sentence increased. He was eliminated from football and will have to pay a fine of R$60,000.

The player confessed to having received R$50,000 to receive a yellow card in a match and, according to the complaint, he had acted as an intermediary and captured the athlete Alef Manga for the group of bettors.

After the sentence, the auditors decided to ask the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) for an international extension of the decision.

“Given the current scenario, this decision must also address the scope of the sporting punishment applied to those reported. Despite the fact that we are faced with disciplinary infractions committed, processed and judged in national territory, the seriousness of the facts narrated corroborated the application of the Disciplinary Code of FIFA“, explained auditor Paulo Feuz, rapporteur of the process.

The extraordinary session was held at COB EXPO, in São Paulo, and lasted around eight hours.

Sentence for the athletes in this Thursday’s trial:

  • Nino Paraíba, athlete from Paysandu-PA; punished with 720 days and a R$100,000 fine
  • Bryan, professional athlete whose last club in Brazil was Athletico Paranaense-PR; 360 days and R$50 thousand
  • Diego Porfírio, Guarani athlete, elimination and R$60,000 fine
  • Alef Manga, athlete from Coritiba-PR; 360 days and R$50,000 fine
  • Vitor Mendes, athlete from Atlético Mineiro-MG; 720 days and R$70,000 fine
  • Sávio Alves, professional athlete whose last club in Brazil was Goiás-GO; 360 days and R$30 thousand
  • Thonny Anderson, ABC-RN athlete; fine of R$40 thousand
  • Dadá Belmonte, athlete from América-MG; 600 days and R$70,000 fine
  • Igor Cárius, Sport-PE athlete; R$360 days and R$40 thousand