Presidente da CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues será ouvido na CPI das apostas esportivas
Presidente da CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues. Foto: Thais Magalhães/CBF

The sports betting CPI was postponed in the Chamber of Deputies. This Wednesday, the 20th, the president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, is expected to participate in the commission’s public hearing.

The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation should have attended the meeting on September 11, but stated that he would be out of the country accompanying the Brazilian team delegation in a game valid for the second round of the South American Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

With the extension of the sports betting CPI until September 26, Rodrigues had his participation rescheduled. According to Poder 360, Rodrigues will be welcomed as a guest to talk about how the entity tries to combat match-fixing.

Also according to Poder 360, the testimony of the president of the CBF is one of the most awaited by members of the collegiate.

The intention is to understand what measures the CBF promotes to ensure sporting integrity, as well as the inspection and transparency mechanisms of Brazilian football.

In a letter sent on May 18 to Ricardo Silva, 3rd vice-president of the CPI, Ednaldo Rodrigues praised the CPI’s performance and stressed that manipulation is an “old problem” accentuated by the internet.

According to the statement, the CBF takes “the same measures that the main sporting entities in the world adopt to protect the integrity of sport”. However, Rodrigues guaranteed that the entity is qualifying its own actions to minimize the risk of manipulation in games.

About the sports betting CPI

Chaired by deputy Julio Arcoverde (PP-PI) and reported by deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), the CPI was installed on May 17 following investigations carried out by the Goiás Public Ministry that raised suspicions of manipulation in the results of four games from series B.

Parliamentarians believe that irregularities have also been committed in matches in other national divisions. The work has already shown irregularities in last year’s Brazilian Series A Championship, in addition to matches in state competitions in 2023.

Countless athletes have already been punished sportingly with fines, suspensions and bans. Recently, FIFA expanded punishments across the world.