Blaze fora do ar? Justiça determina e Anatel acata decisão de suspender funcionamento do site no Brasil
Print do site da Blaze ainda no ar em todo o Brasil

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) accepted, this Monday, 4, a request from the Justice of São Paulo to suspend Blaze throughout Brazil. Blaze’s off-line information was disclosed by the ABC 360 Notícias portal and confirmed by Itatiaia.

According to the report, the bookmaker is one of the companies mentioned in the Financial Pyramids CPI in the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the documentation signed by Anatel’s Superintendent of Inspection, Marcelo Alves da Silva, Blaze’s online platform must be blocked promptly. Despite Blaze’s down demand being signed around 3pm, the site is still up and running.

The blocking request was made on August 22 by the 2nd Tax Crimes, Criminal Organization and Laundering of Assets and Values ​​of São Paulo.

In addition to blocking the site, judge Guilherme Eduardo Martins Kellner also ordered the suspension of the Instagram profile of influencer Juju Ferrari, who advertises for bookmakers.

In the decision, the judge mentions Crash-type bets, in which the player “tests luck” by trying to guess the ideal moment to leave and profit. The magistrate describes the modality as “a game of chance corresponding to software generally acquired outside the country”.

“In order to demonstrate the existence of fraud in the sale of signals for gambling, it was found that there were thousands of complaints made by people on the Reclame Aqui website, as well as police reports”, quotes the judge in the process.

Itatiaia reported that the profile of the influencer pointed out in the process has already been removed from the air, however, there is a new profile made recently, in which she continues to advertise Blaze’s services.

Blaze off-line: understand the case

A few weeks ago, a scandal involving Blaze took over social media. Hundreds of complaints against the bookmaker from all over Brazil were made.

The case gained wide repercussions and the company even published an extensive response detailing its operation.

In addition, Blaze is also being investigated in the Financial Pyramids CPI. Commission members summoned the presidents of Santos and Atlético Goianiense, clubs sponsored by Blaze, to testify.

Andres Rueda, agent of the São Paulo team, declared that the club received R$ 45 million for a two-year contract, with R$ 25 million paid in cash and the remainder divided into 23 installments. According to Rueda, the amount is being paid normally.

Gabriel Medina - Blaze off-line
Photo: Reproduction / @GabrielMedina

Despite the Justice´s decision to shut down the site, it continued to function as of the time of writing this report.

The bookmaker’s official Instagram was also up and running, including surfer Gabriel Medina appearing in a story (post that disappears automatically after 24 hours) announcing a promotion.

neymar - Blaze
Photo: Reproduction / @SigaBlaze

In Blaze’s official Instagram feed, the pinned post is a photo with soccer player Neymar, the company’s official partner. This post dates from two weeks ago.