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Arthur Lira will not extend the sports betting CPI

Arthur Lira não irá prorrogar a CPI das apostas esportivas

Arthur Lira não irá prorrogar a CPI das apostas esportivas.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), informed congressmen that he will not extend the operation of any ongoing CPI in the House – including the CPI on sports betting.

Currently, four committees are in progress in the Chamber: Americanas, MST (Landless Rural Workers Movement), sports betting fraud and cryptocurrencies.

The first three have a deadline of September 14, while the cryptocurrency one, which investigates financial pyramid schemes, has a deadline of September 28.

Although there is a desire from the committees to extend the deadline for their work, any extension of the deadline needs to be authorized by Arthur Lira, who has already signaled that he will not extend any commission.

With that, the commissions must race in the coming weeks to close the ongoing investigations and review what will be included in the reports.

Paquetá and Luiz Henrique do not respond to an invitation to the CPI

The sports betting CPI approved invitations for Brazilian players Lucas Paquetá, from West Ham, and Luiz Henrique, from Betis, to testify.

Sports betting CPI: players Paquetá and Luiz Henrique do not respond to invitations

However, the athletes did not respond to contacts made by the Chamber of Deputies commission.

The request for a statement was made by Deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB/PE), rapporteur for the CPI, who does not rule out the possibility of the players testifying via videoconference.

About the sports betting CPI

The sports betting CPI is chaired by Deputy Julio Arcoverde (PP-PI) and reported by Deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE). Work began on May 17 with an initial term of 120 days, but this period was extended.

The initiative to create the collegiate was based on investigations carried out by the Public Ministry of Goiás that raised suspicions of manipulation in games of the Brazilian Championship last year, as well as in state games this year.

Several players related to the scheme have already been judged by sports justice and have been punished with fines, suspensions and even banishment from football.

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