Sportsbook USA boosts industry ad spend by 400%
Photo: FreePik

Disqo announced a study that indicated that US advertising spending in the sports betting sector is expected to surpass the $2 billion mark this year, achieving an 8% year-on-year increase.

Prior to 2018, Nevada was the only US state that had legal sports betting, however, a Supreme Court decision allowed individual states the right to decide whether it should be legalized. Today, the practice is legal in 37 states.

“While no one really knows how regulatory and competitive pressures will affect the industry in three to five years, it is clear that sports betting is here to stay and will continue to grow aggressively,” said Patrick Egan, Director of Research and Insights at Disqo.

According to the survey, bookmakers such as BetMGM, DraftKings and FanDuel are looking for new ways to secure deals with existing players, in addition to attracting newcomers. It is expected that 32 million adult Americans will place a bet online by 2025, which corresponds to a 39% increase from 2022.

Despite being legal, the US public seems to have negative feelings towards gambling advertising. According to Disqo, approximately 40% of respondents think US sports leagues could damage their reputation by partnering with gaming brands, while another 30% believe celebrities, influencers and TV networks are at risk of doing so. same.

Sports betting in the US is closely associated with the NFL

Sports betting in the country is closely linked to the American Football League (NFL), accumulating 80% of annual spending on TV ads by game brands allocated to the competition. Over the last season in the NFL, bookmakers accounted for 5% of all TV ad impressions in the first few weeks of the tournament.