Exclusive André Alves talks about the news that are coming to Control+F5
Exclusive André Alves talks about the news that are coming to Control+F5

Control+F5 has always been seen as an advertising company, but that’s not all it offers. iGaming Brazil spoke with its founder and Commercial Director, André Alves, who not by chance also writes monthly for this portal.

André Alves explains that marketing was one of the first services that Control offered at the beginning, but with growth, the agency ended up expanding and creating a complete 360 ​​services hub that it has today, being today specialized in supporting companies in the gaming and betting segment.

In the interview we talk about the magnificent growth that Control+F5 has been going through for two years, having received several awards in the marketing area, including Innovation and Highlight at last year’s BiS Awards in São Paulo, and being named among the top 10 Latin American marketing agencies at SBC Miami, among others.

The year 2023 has not been different in terms of Control+F5’s growth and André says that both he and the entire agency team try to participate and be present in most market events that take place around the world, including fairs, symposiums and meetings .

Despite this growth, André says that Control+F5 is now focusing more on consolidating its processes in the market. “Taking care not only to grow, as more important than that is to stabilize the quality and stabilize the process that we deliver to our customers in the market.”

A lot of news is coming, new services, new partners and even a new office in a super renovated Control+F5 that will be presented at this year’s BiS SiGMA Americas in just 10 days, in São Paulo.

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