Sports betting CPI has deputies linked to football teams
Photo: MyKe Sena/Chamber of Deputies

The sports betting CPI, which investigates cases of manipulation in football matches, has deputies linked to at least five teams. The group has former presidents and even a former sponsor of Brazilian clubs.

The president of the CPI, Júlio Arcoverde, from the PP of Piauí, was president of River Atlético Clube in 2015. Champion of Piauí this year, the tricolor is disputing the D Series of the Brazilian Championship this year.

Deputy Bandeira de Mello, from PSB in Rio de Janeiro, commanded Flamengo from 2013 to 2018. Another former football manager is José Rocha, from União Brasil in Bahia. He was president of Vitória in the 1980s. The Bahian red-black is the current leader of Série B of the Brasileirão.

The second vice-president of the CPI is Daniel Agrobom, from the PL of Goiás. The deputy’s company has already sponsored at least two clubs in the state: Itumbiara and Bom Jesus, a municipality in which Agrobom was mayor in the last decade.

According to the Metropoles website, Luciano Bivar (União Brasil de Pernambuco) has served as president of Sport Recife on six occasions. Currently, he is not part of the CPI of sports betting, but he has five party colleagues in the collegiate.

Sports Betting CPI

The sports betting CPI is chaired by Júlio Arcoverde (PP-PI) and rapporteur by Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE). The discussion on the subject has intensified in recent months, after the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO) denounced 16 people for fraud in the results of 13 football matches.

The cases involved matches from Series A and B of last year’s Brazilian Championship, and the 2023 Gaucho and Paulista championships. In the investigation carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, clubs and bookmakers are considered victims.

Recently installed, the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry received its first guests this Tuesday, the 30th. One of the participants was the president of Vila Nova Futebol Clube, Hugo Jorge Bravo. He was responsible for reporting a case of fraud on the team.

In addition, the Attorney General and the Public Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO) Cyro Terra Peres and Fernando Cesconetto, respectively, also participated in the works.