Exclusive Marcos Araujo, from PlayGreen, tells the news in products for gamblers
Exclusive Marcos Araujo, from PlayGreen, tells the news in products for gamblers

PlayGreen is a betting site, games and sports experiences from Brazilians for Brazilians, as defined by its creator and CEO, Marcos Araujo, who started the company through Esportudo. Esportudo encompasses several media brands such as Camisa 23, Goleada, EndZone, among others, was born in 2018 and soon after PlayGReen was born in 2020.

In this exclusive interview, Marcos tells how he started his Sports Betting business with two other American friends, creating an easy-to-use product, without using odds on its platform, democratizing, according to him, betting for the user.

PlayGreen presents its sports betting product, now also launching an online casino, Aviator and a new “flags” system, simulating bets without investing real money, designed for people who are starting in sports betting.

The app brings these flags to attract new players who still don’t have confidence in betting and launching themselves in sports betting for the first time.

The CEO of PlayGreen comments that the company is completely self-sufficient in terms of content creation, podcasts, marketing, platform, support, user and bettor management, in addition to having 35 engineers working on the platform, which makes them independent and unique. in the market.

And finally, Marcos Araujo comments on the arrival of the sports betting MP in Brazil, giving his optimistic point of view, since this comes to protect the user, as in Europe and the rest of the world, but at the same time he sees it with some hesitation the question of the “sore” fees that will be imposed on the bettor.

He fears that these bettors will flee to the black market in search of unregulated companies so as not to lose part of the prize, to the detriment of those that are regulated.

Regarding short-term future strategies, Araujo says he will wait for the definition of the new law that is coming, without being daring, to see how the issue is in Brazil and says that the biggest investment is his own product. He comments that they have no plans to invest in influencers or teams, but in their team.

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