Sports betting market registers 360% increase in Brazil between 2020 and 2022
Photo: Raul Baretta/ Santos FC

Bookmakers are at the heart of Brazilian football, registering significant growth since their release in December 2018. Currently, 19 of the 20 clubs that compete in Series A of the Brazilian Championship have agreements with companies in the sector.

A survey carried out by Datahub, a platform that works with big data and analytics, pointed out that the online betting market grew 360% on Brazilian soil. Last year, the segment recorded 239 publicly traded companies in the country.

This data is very similar to the data presented by Máquina do Esporte, in a survey that showed a total of 191 houses exploring the activity, with a platform in Portuguese and accepting bets from Brazilians with popular payment methods, such as PIX and bank slip.

Research method

The Datahub study considered the opening and closing of companies classified in category 9200-3/99 of the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) and covers “drawing activities via television, telephone, magazines, etc.; the activities of operating coin-operated gaming and betting machines; the operation of gambling and betting on the Internet; and the exploitation of other games of chance and bets not previously specified”.

“This activity presents the greatest similarity and concentration of known and visible betting companies in the market, serving as a relevant indicator”, explained Datahub, through its press office in a note published by the website Máquina do Esporte.

The information was collected from Datahub’s intelligence and market research platform, which includes more than 600 data sources, more than 56,000 CNPJs and more than 400 variables.

Sports betting market growth

In 2020, the first year considered in the Datahub analysis, 51 betting companies were created in Brazil. In 2021, that amount jumped to 116, up 127%. From there to 2022, the increase was 106%, until the 239 companies identified in the survey were reached. The advance, throughout the evaluated period, was 360%.

In the first quarter of the year, the survey already points to the opening of 69 sports betting companies, which exceeds all the movement that occurred in 2020.

“The perspective is that the online betting market will continue to grow in Brazil in the coming years, driven by factors such as the popularity of the sport in the country and the increased penetration of the internet and smartphones”, explained André Leão, Datahub’s product director .