Novibet launches sports betting campaign with Arturo Vidal (1)
Novibet launches sports betting campaign with Arturo Vidal

The betting company Novibet debuted its first campaign on Brazilian television, entitled “Jogue na nova era”. The campaign seeks to convey the excitement and possibilities that the sport offers, highlighting elements such as a new coach, a new shirt, emerging talent and innovative entertainment experiences.

By bringing a proposal based on a technologically advanced platform, Novibet arrived in Brazil in March, establishing a master sponsorship partnership with Fortaleza. Shortly afterwards, the company also secured the collaboration of renowned player Arturo Vidal as a global ambassador.

Investment in cutting-edge technology creation

The company dedicates significant investments in the development of cutting-edge technology, constantly improving the entertainment experience offered on its platform and mobile applications. With a global approach, the brand strives to exceed consumer expectations by flexibly introducing innovative services to meet the specific needs of local markets.

With a solid expansion strategy, the European organization has focused its efforts on the Mexican market in 2022 and is now seeking to consolidate its presence in Latin America by entering Brazil. The company is committed to strengthening its presence in the region and establishing a solid base in the country.

Novibet, as its name implies, aims to bring a series of innovations to the world of sports betting.

About Novibet

Novibet is a fully registered online betting site. The aim is to offer an easy to use betting platform for its customers, excellent service, good value in offering odds and all this in a safe and secure environment. The company is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and uses data security procedures that comply with gaming standards.

In addition, the company is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission through Novigroup Limited (number 000-039440-R-319360-023). It is important to note that all UK licensees are required to hold customer funds in a trust account and have their software tested by an independent moderator.