Sports betting CPI first steps
Photo: Roque de Sá / Agência Senado

The first stage of the sports betting CPI will be aimed at hearing the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO). The commission‘s work plan will only be presented on the afternoon of Tuesday, 23rd, during the first official session.

This Tuesday, deputies must approve the requests that request the summoning of the MPGO promoters and also the president of Vila Nova, Jorge Hugo Bravo, who were the ones who revealed the match-fixing scheme in Brazilian football.

According to O Globo’s Panorama Esportiva column, the tendency is for the hearings to take place next week. And that these actions help parliamentarians to advance in the next stages of investigation.

Members of the sports betting CPI

The sports betting CPI will consist of 34 members and an equal number of substitutes. The group will be chaired by Deputy Júlio Arcoverde (PP-PI) and will have Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) as rapporteur.

Deputy Arcoverde (PP-PI) is the former president of River Atlético Clube, a traditional football club in Piauí. The other members of the table are: André Figueiredo (PDT-CE), in the 1st vice presidency; Daniel Agrobom (PL-GO), in the 2nd; and Ricardo Silva (PSD-SP), 3rd vice.

Nominated to compose the CPI

Adail Filho (Republicanos)

André Figueiredo (PDT)

Augusto Coutinho (Republicanos)

Aureo Ribeiro (Solidariedade)

Beto Pereira (PSDB)

Capitão Alberto Neto (PL)

Célio Silveira (MDB)

Daniel Agrobom (PL)

Daniel Freitas (PL)

Delegado da Cunha (PP)

Felipe Carreras (PSB)

Glauber Braga (PSol)

José Rocha (União Brasil)

Julio Arcoverde (PP)

Luciano Azevedo (PSD)

Luciano Vieira (PL)

Luisa Canziani (PSD)

Mauricio do Vôlei (PL)

Mersinho Lucena (PP)

Paulinho Freire (União Brasil)

Paulo Azi (União Brasil)

Ricardo Ayres (Republicanos)

Ricardo Silva (PSD)

Saullo Vianna (União Brasil)

Yury do Paredão (PL)

9 vacancies not filled


Bandeira de Mello (PSB)

Coronel Ulysses (União Brasil)

Chico Alencar (PSol)

Danilo Forte (União Brasil)

Delegado Caveira (PL)

Fernando Rodolfo (PL)

Fred Costa (Patriota)

Leur Lomanto Júnior (União Brasil)

Marcelo Álvaro Antônio (PL)

Prof. Paulo Fernando (Republicanos)

Samuel Viana (PL)

Wellington Roberto (PL)

22 spots not filled