Rapporteur of the sports betting CPI is contacted by the management of Palmeiras
Gabriel Menino, from Palmeiras. Photo: Reproduction / @Palmeiras

The rapporteur for the sports betting CPI in the Chamber, deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) was approached by the board of Palmeiras this Monday, 21. According to Metropoles, the club sought contact to deal with the request for the call up of an athlete to testify to the commission.

The contact was made by Verdão’s football manager, Cícero Souza. He called Carreras after the national media reported that deputy Luciano Vieira (PL-RJ) had filed a request for the call-up of midfielder Gabriel Menino.

Also according to Metropoles, Vieira presented a generic justification for calling the player, which was not mentioned in the investigations of the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO) on the manipulation of games in Brazilian football.

The deputy claimed that the summoning of the Palmeiras player “aims to gather information” for the work of the CPI.

Rapporteur of the CPI of sports betting does not want to ‘make a mess’ in the summons

In contact with the director of Palmeiras, Carreras stated that generic requests like the one presented by Luciano Vieira should not be approved.

The rapporteur for the sports betting CPI signaled that he will seek not to ‘make a mess’ in the summons of players and representatives of bookmakers.

Gabriel Menino sued Justice after insinuations of connection with schem

It is worth noting that the Palmeiras player does not even appear in the MPGO investigations. He even filed a criminal complaint against people who insinuated on social media their alleged participation in the manipulation scheme.

One of the targets is the influencer Raiam Santos. He published on his page that he would ‘left over’ for the athlete due to an error in the ball output against Vasco, in the Brasileirão. On social networks, Gabriel Menino published a video showing that this is a move trained by the team and that it was successful in the decision of the Campeonato Paulista.

“I was never involved with sports betting episodes. In my personal and professional life, I care for ethics, loyalty and the principles of legality. I’m an employee of a great institution, with millions of fans, and I respect that relationship a lot. I know my duties and what I represent for all these people”, wrote the Palmeiras midfielder.

“I inform you that my legal staff will file, as soon as possible, a criminal complaint against the person responsible for insinuating my participation in a sports betting scheme, an issue widely publicized by the media in recent days, in a bid at the beginning of the second half of the match against Vasco da Gama”, he added.