Exclusive Darwin Filho, from Esportes da Sorte, tells about the rapid growth of the platform

Esportes da Sorte was born in 2018 at the beginning of the boom in bookmakers and has been growing exponentially since then. On this occasion we spoke with Darwin Filho, the company’s CEO, who tells us, among other things, how Esportes da Sorte was born, talks about the strong items on the market, how their partnerships work, and especially how they await the regulation of sports betting.

Darwin briefly analyzes the sports betting market today compared to 5 years ago.

A recipe that worked: Esportes da Sorte uses influencers and programs with a huge audience, such as the BBB, sponsors major national football clubs in the A series, such as Grêmio, Bahia and Goiás, Atletico Paranaense and also the Flamengo team of e-sports. Darwin says he intends to expand into other sports.

Without forgetting to mention the social and solidarity projects, such as the campaign to collect food and items for the victims of the North Coast of São Paulo. Finally, Darwin Filho provides us with some strategies for 2024-25.

Watch the interview in full.