CBF intends to include the Betano logo on the jerseys of the Série B clubs in the Brasileirão (1)
CBF intends to include the Betano logo on the jerseys of the Série B clubs in the Brasileirão

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) issued a statement requesting that clubs participating in Série B of the Brasileirão put a patch with the full name of the competition on their uniforms. However, the inclusion of the name of Betano, which holds the naming rights of the tournament, would also be necessary, therefore, the action would include the name of the company in question.

According to information from the GE, the Brasileirão Series B clubs received a notification from the CBF demanding that they use the sports betting site’s advertising, even though it competes with the sponsors of the championship clubs.

It is important to highlight that, according to an exclusive survey carried out by MKTEsportivo, all 20 teams have partnerships with sports betting houses, with 13 of them occupying the master space of the teams’ shirts.

According to the statement, the sports betting company’s logo should be placed on the right sleeve of each team’s shirt. The document was signed by the director of competitions of the CBF, Julio Avellar, and by the legal manager, Regina Sampaio.

The exhibition of the Betano brand generated controversy, since many contracts signed by the clubs have exclusivity clauses, which can lead to conflicts with the team’s sponsors.

In the statement, the CBF justifies that the controversial measure aims to enhance the competition, “through the standardization of the visual identity of Série B in accordance with the other national competitions organized by this entity”.

About Betano

The bookmaker is an international online platform from Kaizen Gaming, a group that, in addition to Brazil, is also present in Portugal, Germany, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Chile and Bulgaria. Betano is also the sponsor of 16 teams in Europe and South America, such as Benfica, Porto, Sporting and Universidad do Chile.

In Brazil, in addition to the master sponsorship of Fluminense and Atlético-MG, the house also has a presence in online and offline media, seeking to expand its position in the market since it arrived in the country in early 2021.