Bookmakers consolidate themselves as an important source of income for women's football

As happens in the elite of Brazilian men’s football, where only Fortaleza and Cuiabá are not sponsored by bookmakers, the Brasileirão Feminino A1 also has strong support from the segment. In total, nine of the sixteen clubs involved in the main women’s tournament in the country have betting incentives on the game uniforms.

In the first division of women’s football, clubs receive the following sports betting sponsorships: Palmeiras (Betfair), Ferroviária (, Santos (Pixbet), São Paulo (, Cruzeiro (Betfair), Flamengo (Pixbet), Internacional (EstrelaBet), Athletico (Betsson) and Ceará (EstrelaBet).

The most recent sponsorship agreement for Brazilian women’s football was the announcement by Galeda.Bet, a historic supporter of the sport in the country, with Ferroviária, a team with a long tradition in the category. The incentive, which has the status of master, is located in the noblest part of the shirt and includes the brand’s display on stadium plaques, caps, shirts, and on the squad’s official bus.

The was one of the pioneering companies in the investment category in the country. In February last year, the platform signed a punctual contract with Corinthians for the Super Cup dispute. In the same period, Flamengo announced a partnership with Pixbet, being the first two houses to bet on the modality.

The’s partnership was considered a success, and Timão won the event’s title. After the success of the punctual agreement, both parties agreed so that the sponsorship would continue throughout the year.

“ is proud to have contributed to the growth of women’s football in Brazil and aims for women to conquer more and more space in the main national sport. This evolution of the modality in the country is already a reality and comes from the effort of some generations, who fought and believed that the category should have its place”, says Marcos Sabiá, CEO of galera.Bet.

More than supporting women’s football, also has the concern and philosophy of encouraging the presence of women in leadership and management positions, and this is due not only to the moment in the market, but also to women’s quest for greater qualification.

“The representation of women in leadership positions has been increasing over the years in several sectors, and this growth is also seen in sports”, says Andrea Vianna, CMO of the company.

“Here at, we believe in diversity and encourage opportunities, regardless of gender, identity and/or sexual orientation. Today, the majority of the company’s board of directors is made up of women, and this is due not only to the market by women’s search for greater qualification”, says Andrea. “In addition, we were born with a history of encouraging women’s teams, being one of the first bookmakers to sponsor a women’s football team”, he concludes.

In February of this year, Internacional and EstrelaBet announced the extension of the contract until the end of 2025. The brand, which is also on the men’s game shirts, is on the noblest part of the Gurias Coloradas uniform. In order for the agreement to be extended, one of the conditions required by the sports betting platform was the presence in the mantle of the women’s team.

“The month of March is, traditionally, a period in which the whole world pays homage, in actions or attitudes, to women. But we must think about what each one is actually doing to accelerate gender equity in all areas. With that in mind, the campaign that will promote the category was born. This is the role of the brands and the people involved so that, in practice, we are closer to the real equity that we so desire”, said the executive director of Marketing at Internacional, Liana Bazanela.

“The high number of bookmakers in Brazilian football, something that has been happening for some years in the male field, has also been strong in the female category. This phenomenon is a reflection of the development of the sport in the country. Because of this, we see an unprecedented number of supporters in women’s football and companies that want to contribute to the development of the sport”, says Fábio Wolff, managing partner of Wolff Sports, a company that also negotiates partnerships between brands.