Journalist launches Genius Bet platform to enter the sports betting sector

Sports journalist Fred Ring has worked for several national media groups, such as SBT, SporTV and Jovem Pan. At the age of 34, he acknowledged that he became interested in sports betting, however, not having an effective strategy has caused frustration in the past.

In order to be able to enter this booming segment in Brazil, Ring created Genius Bet. The platform has a ‘robot’ that promotes analyzes of the main bookmakers across the planet to try to guarantee the player a ‘safe’ action, according to the journalist. He detailed how the platform works in a recent interview with Podsonhar.

Genius Bet adopts an ‘arbitration’ system, which analyzes “small mathematical coincidences” on betting sites around the world, aiming at a certain result of the amount to be injected in each bet. “It’s proportionate, safe and scalable,” he said.

For Ring, the sports betting sector cannot be seen as something harmful, however, as a form of investment. The instant an amount of money is placed and results in a greater value, there is no way to consider a harmful action. However, the journalist talks about “bringing financial education to the gambler”.

According to the sports journalist, Genius Bet’s assessment prevents the emergence of an addiction to betting. The operation would be so secure that, when the money was placed, the player would already know that he would profit. “For those who want to undertake, don’t be afraid, have courage”, concluded Ring.

About GeniusBet

In addition to Fred Ring, the company has another founder, Jonata Brignol. According to the description on the official website, “Genius Bet is a company that operates in the sports market. From a set of three different strategies, which complement each other, we arrived at a safe, profitable and constant method that only Genius Bet has to help you with investments in sport”.