'Faz o Bet Aí' is the new sponsor of Formula 1 broadcasts on Band

The company ‘Faz o Bet Aí’ is announced as the official sponsor of Formula 1 broadcasts, on the Bandeirantes broadcaster, becoming a pioneer in the field to support a race broadcast. The feat shows the growth of the bookmaker, which seeks to support sport and entertainment in the country.

Throughout 2023, many novelties will be presented by the company “Faz o Bet Aí”, especially regarding Formula 1 transmissions on Band.

The Brazilian brand, from its name, seeks to talk to Brazilians in all social classes, embracing the population and bringing entertainment through betting.

The partnership between sports betting companies and sport has grown more and more and the presence of sponsors in sports such as Formula 1 racing proves this.

Faz o Bet Aí has ​​the exclusive sponsorship of the transmission of the automotive competition on Band, within the sports betting category and stands out for its innovation. “It is a market that is growing a lot, we have an average of 15 to 20 million people who bet in Brazil, there is a large space to grow, it is an interesting market”, says the CEO.

The Spot 360 agency is behind the entire media strategy, guaranteeing sponsorships in the main communication vehicles, in addition to the recently released film with former player Luís Fabiano, shown on Aberta and Paid TV.