Currently, the presence of online casinos and bookmakers is undeniable in society. These companies are not limited to offering gaming and betting opportunities, but have also expanded into other fields such as event and sports sponsorship.

In the sports area, sponsorship by these companies is very common. The best bookmakers on the market have supported numerous football teams across the country. This is a smart strategy, as when seeing branding on matches and kits, fans might be curious and want to explore the options on these platforms, including live betting during matches.

The Copa do Nordeste is one of the best examples of the increasingly strong presence of bookmakers as football sponsors. It is no surprise that this partnership brings benefits to both parties and has everything to develop further.

The sponsorship figures for the Copa do Nordeste this year are surprising. Of the 16 teams present, 13 of them are supported by bookmakers, from well-known companies to newer companies on the market. Some of the partnerships established this year include:

  • Sport, sponsored by BetNacional;
  • Náutico, sponsored by BetNacional;
  • Vitória, sponsored by BetNacional.
  • Ferroviário, sponsored by;

It was no surprise that bookmakers sought to sponsor important football championships in the country, as there are many advantages to this type of partnership, such as:

  • Increased company visibility.
  • Loyalty of supporters of the sponsored team.
  • Access to an audience prone to enjoying sports betting.
  • Increased live betting during matches.

Bookmakers and their relationship with sport

Sports betting is directly related to sport, so betting companies not only sponsor football, but also other popular sports such as Formula 1.

Receiving financial support from a bookmaker is very beneficial for any sport, as the amounts involved are usually high, which allows you to invest both in equipment and in the individual performance of athletes.