The Brazilian Association of Fantasy Sports (ABFS) released a new video within a series of clarifications about the sector, which addresses the “5 Differences between Fantasy Sports and Gambling”.

The ABFS video clarifies that the rules for regulating fantasy sports and gambling are different and have their own legislation. While the Legal Framework for Games (PL 2,796/2021) has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and is awaiting analysis by the Senate, sports betting is still pending regulation in Law 13,756/2018.

The material illustrates that fantasy sports are based on the skill and knowledge of the player, while sports betting is based on random results and luck, therefore, framed as lotteries in federal law. The production also presents variations resulting from the particularities of each modality. Check out!

Previously, ABFS released two more videos. The first, entitled “What are Fantasy Sports”, aims to explain the concept of the sport. The second, entitled “Know the Benefits of the Legal Framework for Fantasy Games and Electronic Games”, seeks to present the advantages of regulation for the segment.

The main purpose of the video series is to demystify misconceptions about fantasy sports and highlight the benefits of regulating the sector. This includes the potential for market growth, job and income generation, attraction of new investors and transparency for consumers and operators.

The sector supports and eagerly awaits the approval of PL 2796/2021 by the Federal Senate, so that it can be implemented and guarantee safety for everyone involved in the market.

In addition, the global iGaming industry awaits the approval of the Legal Framework for Gambling in Brazil. The legalization of the sector in Brazil could generate significant benefits for different regions of the country, helping in the national economic development, since international companies in the segment are aware of the immense potential of the country.