Parimatch’s Commercial Director, Dmitry Belianin, posted on his LinkedIn highlighting how Parimatch’s recently closed sponsorship with Botafogo is creating a winning combination for both the brand and the team.

Dmitry raised the 6 main reasons for choosing Botafogo as Parimatch’s ‘gateway’ in the Brazilian betting market, check it out:

  1. As one of Rio de Janeiro’s most successful clubs with a proud history and an impressive following, Botafogo has a large and loyal fan base in Brazil and around the world. We look forward to connecting with these fans.
  2. History, heritage and character for the club and its audience. Which is so well connected to the attributes that our brand is bringing to Brazil.
  3. Talented management team, open to experiences, exchange of knowledge, promotions and exclusive bonuses for Botafogo fans, increasing player loyalty and engagement.
  4. By sponsoring Botafogo, we can demonstrate our commitment to football culture. We look forward to reaping the benefits of its extensive media coverage, including television, print, radio and digital press.
  5. This sponsorship will also allow us to launch new products and services in Brazil through specific campaigns and initiatives and build relationships with key influencers and industry professionals.
  6. In addition, we look forward to strengthening our presence in Brazil and other South American countries, as Botafogo is also a well-known brand outside Brazil.

Using the full potential of the Parimatch and Botafogo brands

Dmitry further explains in another post about how the brand and team colors were worked on in this partnership: “Our brand colors are very distinct. And I am incredibly proud of the electric yellow color that our brand has. But we decided not to use it. … one time”.


But there is a big reason for this decision by the betting brand, the Commercial Director commented that “there are five solid reasons why we did it while partnering with Botafogo”, namely:

  1. Visual identity alignment: Parimatch aligns its brand with the team, creating a cohesive visual identity between the two brands. This helps develop a sense of partnership and unity between the two entities.
  2. Showing respect for the team’s history and tradition: By aligning with the team’s traditional colors and not using any other colors, Parimatch shows respect and recognition of the team’s history and tradition.
  3. Appeal to fans: With this decision, the operator can appeal to Botafogo fans and gain more visibility and recognition among them. This is important to build brand loyalty and trust among fans.
  4. Create a sense of belonging: The betting brand sought to develop a sense of belonging among the group’s fans, making them feel more connected to the brand.
  5. Increased Brand Awareness: By using team colors, the company can increase awareness of its brand among team fans and the general public. This is important to build a strong brand presence in the market.

Botafogo signed a contract with the Parimatch bookmaker earlier this year. The operator will occupy the main space in the team’s uniform for the next 2 years. This is the biggest sponsorship deal in the team’s history.