World Cup 2022 expected to register more than BRL 185 billion in sports betting

Sports betting became part of the daily lives of football fans during the 2022 World Cup. Bookmakers advertise on all platforms: TV, team shirts, influencers, players, sports entities, in addition to social media.

According to a study by the multinational bank Barclays, the World Cup in Qatar will register a total of US$ 35 billion (R$ 186 billion) in sports betting. It is approximately 65% ​​higher than the Russian Cup in 2018.

A statistic was also carried out that, of this amount, US$ 2.5 billion (R$ 13 billion) will be bet only on the final, plus US$ 1 billion (R$ 5.3 billion) per game in the round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals. , and US$ 400 million (R$ 2.1 billion) in each group stage duel.

One of the factors for these stratospheric numbers, also captured by the betting intelligence company H2 Gambling Capital, refers to the fact that the World Cup in Qatar is the first global sporting event since the end of restrictions on sports betting in the United States. But this is not the only reason for the increase in the number of bets, according to specialists linked to bookmakers in the country.

For Darwin Filho, CEO of Esportes da Sorte, the visibility generated by the growth of marketing promoted by betting companies contributes to the increase in the popularity of the business in Brazil. The World Cup is and has always been synonymous with worldwide passion and among Brazilians.

“It so happens that, in 2022, we are faced with a much more mature national betting market, with more publicity, more competition, easier, more interactive platforms, in addition to the instantaneousness of financial transactions with the advent of the pix, which ended up being the perfect scenario for the great increase of this market as verified in our country”, he explained.

According to the Esportes da Sorte executive, advertising still plays an essential role in consolidating the segment. “In addition to publicizing the different houses that operate in our country, they help to popularize and give credibility to the business. In my opinion, we are just touching the tip of the iceberg. According to estimates from renowned betting conglomerates, the Brazilian market has the potential to be the Top 3 in the segment in the world”, he added.

The betting sector in Brazil should reach a total of BRL 9.8 billion by the end of this year, with a forecast of BRL 12.5 billion in 2023. Also in Brazil, the World Cup in Qatar is already the event with the highest number of bettors in 2022, surpassing the Libertadores and Champions League finals.

“It is a market that has become more consolidated and gained the knowledge of the general public. During the pandemic, with people at home, and with the arrival of the PIX, in addition to house merchandising, it achieved unprecedented notoriety. All of this has contributed, in addition to ever-increasing options not only in the sports sphere, but also in entertainment”, says Hans Schleier, marketing director at Casa de Apostas.

Photo: Agência Brasil

Marcos Sabiá, CEO of operations at Galeda.Bet, also noted that the Cup was the first global sporting event since the end of the pandemic and betting restrictions. “Among the sports, football is still the sport that receives the highest number of bets and the tendency is for this growth to continue. Another important point is that the World Cup in Qatar took place at the end of the year and in the middle of the European season, something unprecedented”.

“Football keeps bubbling up in the big leagues. And in the pandemic, online betting gained more visibility, people had to adapt to a different routine and maintained social distancing. This made them look for new ways to have fun at home through digital, which includes sports betting. The development of technology is also another factor that makes access more practical”, he added.


Considered the largest technology company and gaming provider in the world, Playtech has published a new edition of its Responsible Gaming in Latin America Report to analyze the current online gambling landscape.

A survey by Zion Market Research projects that sports betting sites move between BRL 7 and BRL 10 billion per year, including not only sports betting, but other types of online betting.

Although football betting is the most significant among Brazilians, the survey showed that 55% of bettors have fun betting on entertainment. The survey interviewed 2,500 people in five Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. The aim was to analyze the public’s favorite betting categories and the most unusual types of bets they have ever made.

In addition to betting on entertainment, such as awards, reality shows and soap operas, virtual sports (such as football simulations, horse races, etc.) are in third place with 52% of the preference. In fourth, with, 48%, are eSports (online gaming competition) and, in fifth place, political movements, with 20% of the public’s preference.

Responsible gaming

It is worth noting that the platform, sponsor of the CBF through the Brazilian Men’s and Women’s Championship, is a joint venture of Playtech, a technology company and game provider. The two companies have among their missions promoting responsible gaming, creating a safe environment for their players and supporting the sport.

Playtech’s research also pointed out the most unusual types of bets made by Brazilians. According to the company, 35% have already bet on pool games, 29% on reality shows, 26% on Formula 1, 16% on tennis matches, 14% on darts (the most common bet category in European countries, such as England), 12% in swimming, 10% in athletics, 9% in baseball and rugby and another 7% in softball matches.

“It is interesting for the betting industry to create and offer a diversity of types of games focused on the entertainment of the Brazilian public, whose interest in the segment makes the market pulsating and very promising”, explains Francesco Rodano, Chief Policy Officer of Playtech.

Thinking about users who adhere to this type of online entertainment, it is essential to highlight the importance of supporting and creating technologies aimed at protecting gamblers. “Playtech is dedicated to ensure that more and more Brazilians, especially those who are more vulnerable and with risky behavior, are protected by responsible gaming actions”, he adds.

On this topic, the company also projected in its survey that half of Brazilians (46%) consider themselves responsible gamblers when it comes to online betting; 45% believe they are responsible because gambling does not directly impact their everyday lives.

In contrast, 4% believe that their gambling habits may be becoming problematic, 3% do not know what responsible gambling is, 1% are sure that their gambling behavior is risky and 1% cannot say how they identify.