European regulators ensure integrity of sports betting on World Cup (1)
Photo: Agência Brasil

Gambling regulatory bodies from Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Germany and Austria met at a congress and came together to maintain the strength of the global gambling industry.

These regulators understood that it was essential to adopt international measures to ensure the integrity of sports betting taking place during the World Cup in Qatar, which runs until December 18th. The intention is to protect punters who bet on this type of bookmaker every day.

The concern is concentrated in the countries of Latin America and, specifically, in Brazil. After all, bookmakers are gaining more and more space on the national scene. Representatives of regulatory organizations met in November at the premises of the Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) in Paris, France.

Regulators detail cooperation during World Cup

At this meeting, the group signed a joint statement on cooperation work during the 2022 World Cup. “We recognize that this is one of the biggest tournaments in the world and therefore betting activity is likely to increase. As regulators, we play a key role in ensuring consumers are protected throughout the tournament.”

Betting sites require an enhanced security system to protect each user who places their bets on the World Cup and other events. “Working together during this time, we are committed to monitoring the gaming market to ensure that standards for advertising, betting integrity and consumer protection are followed by operators,” they announced.

“Throughout the tournament in Qatar, this will mean increased cross-border cooperation, including through the exchange of information, expertise and best practices. To raise awareness of gambling-related risks, we will also be increasing our social media activity during the tournament to promote how people can gamble safely,” they said.

In addition, the regulators stressed that the meeting served to “explain the situation of the respective gaming markets, as well as the main regulatory developments that have occurred or are expected to occur in the immediate future. At the meeting, the measures adopted in the common effort to reduce illegal gambling were also presented, as well as possible forms of future collaboration were explored”.

This advancement is important in terms of user safety. It is relevant for every sports bettor that this activity is promoted in a safe way for both platforms and users.