Blaze tries to renew, but Botafogo must announce new master sponsorship for 2023
Photo: Vítor Silva/Botafogo

With the end of the 2022 season, Botafogo managed to remain in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship and is now looking to become one of the great forces for 2023. more valued than the uniform.

However, the sportsbook tends not to follow Botafogo’s shirt. According to the ‘Blog do Ancelmo Gois’, Fogão is close to announcing a new sponsor for the new season, the biggest value in its history. Journalist Thiago Franklin, on Twitter, announced some negotiation numbers.

According to the journalist, Blaze showed interest in continuing its partnership with the team from Rio de Janeiro. With a contract valid until the end of this year, the renewal offer estimated at 16 million reais was rejected by Botafogo.

The new sponsor must pay between 21 million reais and 25 million reais per year. The tendency is for the revelation of the new partner to happen only after the end of the current bond with Blaze. The brand formalized its agreement with Botafogo in July this year.

On social networks, Franklin also stated that Botafogo was sought after by several companies recently. The winner of the competition has everything to be another bookmaker, which still does not operate in Brazil.

About Blaze

Blaze was created in 2019 from a group of entrepreneurs who not only had a knack for promoting entertainment, but also an affinity for the iGaming industry.

The company produces digitally native games that gamers love. Blaze as a product is defining a new category in gaming, taking elements from casual and social gaming and turning it into a betting product.

The platform wants to create a truly differentiated gaming experience. After three years on the market, Blaze now has over 2,000 games and 12 million registered players.