We Are Technology Group teams up with PixBet to launch PixJogos and Pixbet.tv

We Are Technology Group, in collaboration with Inside the Pocket, is proud to announce a new partnership with legendary Brazilian operator – PixBet and its parent company PixStar. Built by Brazilians for Brazilians, Pixbet.com has become a household name in the Brazilian world of iGaming and betting.

PixBet has quickly risen to the top of its game with an ever-expanding sports betting service that boasts the fastest cashout in Brazil, courtesy of the PIX payment system.

We Are Technology Group is excited to provide two core services to PixBet, the excellent video product for pixbet.tv and exciting Fantasy League products for the F2P site pixjogos.com.

PixBet TV

Some might say that Brazil is the home of football, probably producing more football legends than any other country on the planet. So it’s no wonder that the next step in PixBet’s strategy was to sponsor some of the best known teams in the country, including América-MG, Avaí, Flamengo, Goiás and Santos in Série A of the Brasileirão.

Naturally, the next step for the Brazilian giant was to branch out into broadcasting, which led to the birth of pixbet.tv, an extensive football television service. More exciting however is the news that PixBet is the first Brazilian bookmaker to partner for the World Cup in Qatar, meaning they will have all the matches and the latest news available for fans to watch.

PixBet founder Ernildo Santos said: “Being in the World Cup is a giant step for PixBet. We are very proud to have reached this level.”

“It’s a real hat-trick for We are Technology Group to get a win on this deal and partner with PixBet TV to use our video services, especially with the World Cup in full swing,” said Dave Hickey, Head of Sports and managed services from the We Are Technology Group.

“Partnering with Pixbet has been an incredible journey so far. They are ambitious, daring and have a relentless drive to be the biggest and best bookmaker in Brazil. With betting volumes continuously increasing for PixBet, this creates huge excitement at We Are Technology Group every day. We love working together with such a great team,” he shared.

Fans can check out all the latest video content, including breaking news, team arrivals and training, match previews, profiles of top players and much more!


In addition to its flagship betting site and TV service, PixBet also has a popular website. PixJogos combines Brazilians’ love of the game with their need for a constant supply of fun football action!

Players can participate in a free fantasy football league at PixJogos, now using We Are Technology Group’s specialized fantasy league products. Players can enjoy various tournaments and leagues and join in all the fun completely free of charge.

We are Technology Group released two exciting free-to-play fantasy league games with PixJogo focusing on the World Cup. Players can enjoy Bolão do Milhão, a perfect introduction to the concept of spreads and favourites, predicting scores and seizing the chance to become a millionaire. They can also participate in Cup Predictions and try to reach the top of the leaderboard.

“Once again PixStar is changing the game. With their new Free-To-Play prediction game, they are giving the Brazilian people the opportunity to use their football knowledge to potentially win life-changing money with a top prize of R$1 million to give away. It’s another step in their incredible journey and gives customers yet another reason to get excited about every World Cup match,” said Dave Hickey.

Hussain Naqi, Founder and CEO of Inside The Pocket, added: “Pixbet was looking for acquisition and retention assistance to support their World Cup efforts and existing media partnerships. This is a landmark deal for us entering the Brazilian market, offering a new fleet of native and third-party products.”

“We are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this opportunity because we can diversify content, leverage consumer data and segment it for our customers as the Brazilian market takes shape over the next 12 months. Our complementary partners in marketing analytics and geolocation are also delivering unique ITP consumer insights that will enable us to hyperlocalize audience communication for the world’s biggest football event and a host of mass media sporting events on the horizon in 2023.” added.

About We Are Technology Group

The We Are Technology Group is a corporate group that includes We Are Casino and the soon to be launched We Are Game brand. But for now, the group is proud to have scored a great goal with Fantasy League’s video service and partnership with this iconic Brazilian operator.

About Inside The Pocket

Inside The Pocket is an end-to-end partner for mobile sports gaming. By harnessing the power of free-to-play, its white-label platform solution enables users to create a dynamic, personalized gaming experience that builds brand loyalty and opens up exciting new market opportunities.

Inside The Pocket is a complete sports gaming ecosystem wrapped in an easy-to-integrate platform. It enhances customers’ enjoyment of sport through a gaming layer, providing a flexible and scalable route to new users and high-impact engagement based on real-time audience insights.