Pragmatic Play consolidates itself as the provider with the greatest commercial strength in Latin America

In a highly successful effort to extend the reach of its leadership, the provider is now unique in the region in offering a completely differentiated level of service.

Led by its Vice President of Operations, Víctor Arias, and with the premise of taking localization to its maximum expression, a strong commercial team is confirmed in a first stage, seeking to exclusively serve commercial partners in the leading markets in Latin America.

Knowing your sales team

Its commercial team is made up of four recognized professionals in front of the markets that show the greatest growth, being the main responsible for strengthening the ties with commercial partners and future users of the product portfolio.

As these are dynamic markets, Pragmatic Play’s positioning strategy based on its key corporate ideals, location, formality, seriousness, commitment and, of course, the image of its Country Directors are now a source of great admiration for the entire industry.

They say that image is everything and Pragmatic Play understood this very well, managing to convey its pillars at every step and leaving a mark through its Country Directors: Celeste, Javier, Marco and Enrique.

Constantly analyzing the needs and requirements to offer a user experience of the highest level, Country Directors are essential to make a detailed customization, acting as true gears, which produce the movement of a complex commercial engine and transmit the detailed knowledge of the complete portfolio of products offered by Pragmatic Play.

Brazil, this expanding Latin American giant

To talk about Brazil is to consider its extension and a large audience that is interested in online entertainment, which, for the most part, is characterized by being superstitious and passionate about entertainment of various types. These factors were essential for the provider’s Live Casino options and skill games to gain a huge number of local fans in a very short time.

Even with the relative lack of maturity of the Brazilian market in the entertainment sector, the country manifested itself as an objective territory for the provider, therefore, it established its first Country Director in this region.

A local executive with a high degree of commitment, immersed in the reality of the country and who closely followed the current regulatory processes was essential to make Pragmatic Play one of the most active providers, so Marco was appointed, who is a witness and protagonist strengthening the company in Brazil, ensuring that the market experienced a period of great growth.

Argentina, one of the most challenging countries in the region

The second big challenge was Argentina, a country in which Pragmatic Play has a project of important dimensions. Its diversity and incalculable potential have made it an excellent opportunity for commercial development.

It was precisely for this reason that the provider placed Javier as Country Director in Argentina, a professional with an extensive experience in the world of betting and aware of each part of the complex structure of entertainment in his country.

After taking office, he saw the regulation of the sector’s activity in the City and Province of Buenos Aires, in Mendoza, Córdoba and Entre Ríos, being fundamental for the expansion of Pragmatic Play in the country, which has already positioned its RNG and Casino verticals Live as the main ones in the Argentine operators.

Peru at the height of its evolution to the online universe

Peru is one of the countries that is attracting the attention of all the players in online gambling, having accentuated in recent years its evolution from the classic land-based casino to modern online betting options, which increasingly represent a safe and reliable alternative for its customers. inhabitants, in addition to the recent approval of the law that regulates the activity in the territory, demonstrating important progress, which will make a difference.

Faced with this growing demand for entertainment, Pragmatic Play appointed Celeste as Country Director, a position she has held for a few months and, since then, the provider has seen its presence in the market increase.

Projecting Peru in a highly strategic way, as it experiences a high volume of operators, Pragmatic Play managed to place its slot machines and its Live Casino alternatives in the first positions, placing its brand and its product as real players in the market.

Mexico, paving the way for a great future

Recently, Mexico was added to the markets that have a Country Director, with its bases strongly rooted in the local tradition, focused on meeting the requirements that make this country unique and unrepeatable.

Starting a very promising period on Mexican soil, in which Pragmatic Play is already achieving very good results, Enrique was designated to be the leading figure in this market, which is expanding at a fast pace.

The success of Pragmatic Play’s verticals in the largest operators in the country is the direct consequence of investing in excellence and offering a service suited to its multiculturalism, which is the indisputable result of the relevance of its director as a fundamental piece of the puzzle.

The provider’s Live Casino offer shows an upward trend, becoming the vertical par excellence that has won over demanding Mexican users, both with its classics and its innovations.

A spectacular 2022 and a great projection for the next 2023

In this way, with high-level professionals in the most demanded markets in the region, Pragmatic Play is ending a year of permanent growth and expansion, which exceed commercial expectations.

The detailed planning and application of a focused strategy project the expectation of a great 2023, the year in which Latin America will be able to experience innovation, an important investment in actions to retain users and commercial partners, in addition to strengthening its leadership as a provider of most important content in the region. For Latin America’s Pragmatic Play, “The Sky is the Limit”.