Exclusive- Daniel Trajano, from Esportes da Sorte, 'we look forward to the regulation'

The young sports betting platform Esportes da Sorte was born in 2016 with the aim of penetrating the growing Brazilian iGaming industry. Waiting for the regulation, like most players in the sports betting sector, Daniel Trajano (Commercial Director of Esportes da Sorte) tells the portal iGaming Brasil what he thinks about the current betting market and what he sees in the future in the short term. deadline.

Under the slogan “Blinked, paid”, the platform tries to reach the Brazilian bettor in a more direct way, appealing to the instantaneity of the results.

The Commercial Director of Esportes da Sorte is also the spokesperson for the betting company. He’s going into his second year with the company. In addition, he owns the Resenha Sports Club.

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iGaming Brazil – How was Esportes da Sorte born?

Daniel Trajano – Esportes da Sorte was born, in 2016, by the desire of a prominent economic group in the Brazilian Northeast, to enter a robust segment worldwide, but poorly explored in Brazil. With extensive gaming experience – state lotteries, jockeys clubs and capitalization bonds – the next step chosen was to navigate this world of sports betting.

iGaming Brazil – What is the main attraction of the platform? What are the most sought after bets?

Daniel Trajano – The main attractions of Esportes da Sorte are linked to the instant withdrawal – which even suggested the company’s slogan: blinked, paid – in addition to boosted quotes for multiple bets, in which a bonus of up to 20% is granted for same. The platform’s interactivity and 24-hour support with humanized service are also characteristics that greatly differentiate Esportes da Sorte from other companies on the market.

iGaming Brazil – Do you believe that betting platforms will take off after the category is regulated? What changes in operational terms for you?

Daniel Trajano – The regulation will provide a lot of legal certainty for our operation. We are looking forward to the regulation and we are already accounting and legally prepared to meet the requirements of the government in order to apply for our operating license.

iGaming Brazil – You have already hired Matheus Cunha, João Gomes, among other ambassadors. More coming around? What can you tell us about the company’s marketing strategies?

Daniel Trajano – Much more to come. Esportes da Sorte was born to stand out, we are driven by innovative ideas, always looking for more, and doing it differently, we believe in a plural and aggregating media, communicating with all classes and social profiles. I can categorically say that the best is yet to come, we have great projects for the World Cup period and the year 2023, the market will be quite surprised by what is to come with Esportes da Sorte.

iGaming Brazil – In your opinion, what is the profile of the Brazilian gambler?

Daniel Trajano – Sports betting is very popular in Brazil. It is a country that has game as cultural. Tracing a profile of the Brazilian gambler is difficult, as betting is in fact rooted in our day-to-day. What the statistics tell us is: the public is still predominantly male – a reality that has been changing a lot in recent years – and with an average age between 25 and 45 years old.

iGaming Brazil – Do you believe that there will be more investments once the sports betting situation is regulated?

Daniel Trajano – Without a shadow of a doubt. This existing legal limbo due to the non-regulation of a law enacted 4 years ago (13,756/2018) scares the private sector a lot.

iGaming Brazil – What are the strategies now for the World Cup in Qatar?

Daniel Trajano – The World Cup is a great milestone for the Brazilian industry. It is the opportunity that we have, every 4 years, to further massify the insertion of our services into society. Our strategy will be divided into three pillars: activations in large events, great publicity on social media and insertions on open and closed TV.