NBB and Sportsbet.io team up to launch daily podcast with sports betting tips

Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB) will launch a daily podcast about the country’s main basketball championship in conjunction with sportsbook Sportsbet.io. Entitled ‘NBB Territory’, the attraction will be presented from Monday to Saturday, always at 11 am, with betting tips before and during the competition rounds.

The journalist and commentator of the NBB matches, Bruno Laurence will be the presenter of this new podcast. The NBB Territory will promote an in-depth assessment of the matches, providing specific odds and possible individual game highlights, content that will help sports fans make their predictions on the Sportsbet.io website.

“I think the podcast is an absolutely amazing tool. Being able to consume content while performing other tasks is fantastic. In the gym, in transport, washing dishes, the podcast fits in any moment”, declared Bruno Laurence.

“NBB Territory arrives to warm up the day. Bring information, analysis and tips to further increase the fun of those who will follow the games. Sportsbet.io delivers the odds, I give the tips, and everyone wins in knowledge, in fun and also in the profit that NBB fans can make. But fundamentally the idea is to deliver a light analysis and get the fan ready for what’s ahead”, he added.

It is important to note that the bookmaker is the official sponsor of the NBB. Recently confirmed, the contract extends for three years and promises to offer basketball fans experiences and entertainment.

In the 2022/2023 season, there will be 123 exclusive games on numerous digital platforms, in addition to content, especially educational, about betting on live programs and now also the Território NBB podcast.

Sportsbet.io Sports Partnerships

Sportsbet.io has a strong presence in the Brazilian sports scene, having the following partnerships: sponsor of São Paulo in football and other modalities, including men’s basketball; sponsor of the Copa do Brasil, one of the main soccer championships in the country.

In addition, the brand is a naming partner of Imperial Sportsbet.io, a CS:GO team — Counter-Strike Global Offensive. In England, the group is partners with Arsenal and Southampton.