BetXgol in the Open Game of Band Ceará

BetXgol, the sports betting house, will now be on the Jogo Aberto program on TV Band do Ceará. The purpose of the platform is to become closer and closer to its target audience. For this, nothing better than sponsoring one of the most relevant and influential sports programs in Brazil.

So far, BetXgol’s placement plan on the Band runs from September 21 to October 14. With this important investment in media, the house hopes to increase its rate of attracting new customers, at this time so conducive to the rise of betting sites in the country, added to the proximity of the biggest event in world football: the Qatar World Cup.

Find out more about BetXgol, a rapidly expanding bookmaker

The betting and gaming site BetXgol has invested in market differentials, with the intention of attracting customers on a large scale. The brand offers the best quotes on the market, in addition to various customer incentives such as bonuses and promotions.

Its sportsbook is quite complete, containing sports such as football, basketball, tennis, boxing, MMA, as well as a live casino and casino.

The excellent user experience is one of BetXgol’s differentials, which makes beginner bettors able to interact and understand their actions on the platform, which gives them the opportunity to focus on what is essential in a betting site: entertainment and fun.

Recent partnership with Bate Fundo Esportivo

Recently, the bookmaker signed a partnership with Bate Fundo Esportivo, the largest independent internet radio and TV channel in the country. Bate Fundo broadcasts take place through YouTube, Facebook and other channels of the main Brazilian games.

If the sporting day is hectic, Bate Fundo Esportivo promotes more than four simultaneous transmissions. The intentions of the partnership between Betxgol and Bate Fundo Esportivo are to create a bond of relationship and provide an excellent platform for Bate Fundo listeners and spectators.