Braxbet is Control+F5 Gaming's new client

BraXbet, sports betting and gambling house, has just closed its partnership with Control+F5 Gaming. The platform plans its growth in the gaming market and sees gaps to be filled in Brazil, as company executive Flávio Aparecido Santos says:

“The assessment we made about the Brazilian sports betting and casino market is that the bettor here has few alternatives, or rather few options in terms of bookmakers. The market seemed to be highly concentrated, in contrast with the increasing demand from people interested in having fun in this entertainment field”.

“Our perception was that Brazilians, known to be passionate about football, and who culturally have always liked to make the so-called “fezinha”, saw in bookmakers the perfect union between passion for the sport, or even for their favorite team, with the real possibility of making an extra profit – and that is perfect”, he stressed.

For this reason, BraXbet arrives in the country, structuring its operation according to the needs of the local public, with the objective of being a house that meets the expectations of Brazilians: “We hope to provide bettors in Brazil the opportunity to interact with what is most modern and technological in terms of online sports betting on dozens of sports, in addition to casino, live casino, virtual sports etc”.

“Our users will have an advanced, friendly, easy-to-operate platform, with super attractive odds, multiple markets, infinite possibilities for winnings and the certainty that they will be able to withdraw their assets quickly and safely”.

Why BraXbet chose to work together with Control+F5 Gaming

About the decision to work with Control+F5, Flávio commented: “To fulfill our mission and achieve our goals, it became essential to formalize solid partnerships with the best and most reputable players in the market, and that was the case at each stage of the process. ”.

“Within this perspective, we could not fail to have Control+F5 by our side, due to the relevant concept that it has always had in the market, not just in the sports betting niche”.

“Control+F5 was essential in the development of the most sensitive stages of creation and launch of BraXbet and we look forward to having this partnership for a long time”.

Control+F5 Gaming establishes personalized strategies for each of its customers. The differential is to know the operations in depth and understand the specificities and needs of each client, recommending the best actions and strategies.