Twitter has revealed data showing that activity on the social media site increases sharply when sporting events are taking place. The company claims that seven out of 10 sports bettors use Twitter for their sports betting needs. This includes looking for predictions, engaging in sports discussions and sharing memes.

Furthermore, it was stated by the social network that the volume of bettor-focused content and the quality of sports-related tweets has increased dramatically in recent years, with sports betting now legal in many US states.

Sports betting is no longer seen as taboo,” says Twitter, due to its increasing legalization across the United States.

According to the company, 72% of bettors check the site to track the status of a live bet, while keeping abreast of sports influencer opinions/predictions, injury reports and updates, odds, team stats and lineups.

Twitter also says it helped attract a “premium sports betting audience” by having a direct bearing on their betting decisions.

Supposedly, sports bettors who use Twitter spend 15% more on betting annually than those who don’t. And, 62% of bettors on Twitter place bets weekly, according to the social media company.

Additionally, 33% of punters say they would not bet at all if it weren’t for the content on Twitter and the conversation the platform conducts around a variety of popular sports, while 36% use Twitter exclusively for sports-related news.

Furthermore, 65% of punters on Twitter are motivated to bet on a major sporting event that is dominating the online conversation as well. The social network also appears to be attracting the next generation of sports bettors, with 51% of punters on Twitter saying they only started betting on sports within the last two years.