Betxgol signs partnership with Bate Fundo Esportivo

Betxgol, the online sports betting house, is now a partner of Bate Fundo Esportivo, the largest independent internet radio and TV channel in the country. Bate Fundo broadcasts take place through YouTube, Facebook and other channels of the main Brazilian games. If the sporting day is hectic, Bate Fundo Esportivo promotes more than four simultaneous transmissions.

The intentions of the partnership between Betxgol and Bate Fundo Esportivo are to create a bond of relationship and provide an excellent platform for Bate Fundo listeners and spectators.

About the company’s new action, the CEO of Betxgol commented: “With this partnership, we want to promote sports in our country and offer Bate Fundo Esportivo listeners a solid betting platform with the best odds on the market.”

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Betxgol offers players a wide variety of sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, various types of martial arts and much more. The platform also features live casino and casino games, with titles from major developers.

Among the various advantages granted by Betxgol, one of its biggest differentials today is that the house does not have rollover. The platform also has extremely high odds in relation to the global market of players in the sector.

Recently, the brand underwent a revamp, as it was formerly called Betxgool. The new spelling, Betxgol, brings more simplicity and facilitates memorization by the public. The action is part of a major expansion plan for the bookmaker, which is supported by Control+F5 Gaming.

Therefore, it is worth following Bate Fundo Esportivo and getting to know Betxgol, a betting and gaming platform that is revolutionizing the Brazilian market.