Welcome to Belgrade 10 ways to get the most out of SiGMA Balkans

For the first event in the Balkans, SiGMA has prepared an agenda full of activities so that participants can make the most of networking opportunities and parties. The company has combined some of the best events into a handy guide to ensure the public can see it all. Without further ado; here are the top 10 things to look for in SiGMA Balkans 2022:

10 ways to get the most out of SiGMA Balkans

Registration and welcome cocktail

To make the most of your time at SiGMA CIS, you should plan ahead. SiGMA’s pre-registration procedure is intended to control the flow of visitors before the exhibition on 23 August.

On August 22, people are encouraged to join this pre-event mix at the Buzz Bar in Holiday Inn, Belgrade. All participants of this networking event are welcome to attend the complimentary drinks reception, which will act as a great opportunity for everyone to relax, socialize and chat with each other.

Delegates who wish to collect their badges in advance and avoid queues can do so at the registration desks which will also be open. SiGMA advises all visitors to plan ahead and remove their lanyards during this period to avoid the morning lines.

To obtain a badge that doubles as a pass to the event, present a copy of your ticket or phone confirmation. In addition, these badges can be purchased at the Enercare Center’s exhibition registration desk at any time during the meeting.

Dine with the best: Networking Dinners

In order to encourage visitor interaction, a series of luxury dinners will be held during the evenings of the event. These meals offer a great chance to network and establish relationships in a relaxed atmosphere where participants can create synergies. Only invitations and RSVPs are accepted as proof of attendance, and the guest list is strictly restricted to Premium and Platinum ticket holders.

One iGathering Dining Pass is given to Premium Ticket holders, while two iGathering Dining Passes are given to Platinum ticket holders. Place an order for the dinner you wish to attend after verifying your viable ticket. When it comes to finding the right people in the right place, SiGMA provides the best opportunities.

Fund your future: Start up Pitch

The launches, which will be presented at SiGMA and AIBC Summits, bring together the best business combination with leading visionaries from the iGaming and Tech sectors.

Pitch, combining spectacle with acceleration, offers 100 carefully chosen companies a designated booth in the Start-Up Village, an ecosystem of entrepreneurs who have access to the many investors and C-Suite executives present at the Summit. Groups will be evaluated based on a variety of factors, after they have been given the time and space to hone their unique sales pitches and presentations. The Pitch itself then goes into high gear.

The top 10 initiatives will be chosen to present their start-up to a panel of venture capitalists, business titans and angel investors. One will exit the Pitch with the final prize of up to $500,000 in equity investment. In addition, winners can also qualify to earn extra benefits including consulting opportunities, office space, access to recruiting services, a successful marketing campaign and plenty of networking opportunities.

Battle of the Balkans: The MMA Fight

For their debut event outside of Malta, CENTURION FC will feature an explosive fight card on the lineup. The clash, which will take place on August 24th, promises to attract the best MMA fighters to Belgrade. From the spectacle of combatants being led into the arena by Roman soldiers to their passion, emotion and sheer strength in the ring, Centurion FC seeks to showcase this magnificent sport during the SiGMA event.

Participants will also have the chance to enjoy the event at executive tables located near the arena. There will also be a chance for lucky delegates to take their photos inside the Octagon.

Expect big names like Jovan Marjanovic, a local MMA legend who will defend his 6-2 record, Vlastislav “El Chapo” Cepo, a name every Balkan MMA fan will remember, and Nikolay Grozdey, an up-and-coming fighter who will soon be in the top 10 in Europe. A side initiative of Centurion FC is to recruit aspiring warriors into their own Legion. They have already signed six boxers and are looking for more across Europe.

Thunderbowl: The Esports Tournament

SiGMA will showcase the competitive, billion-dollar eSports industry at another of its destinations during the event. The competition will take place over the course of the two-day exhibition in Belgrade. Expect a frenetic atmosphere lit up by lasers and LCD screens at the Esports Arena, where several famous guest players are ready to make an appearance. Players will dominate the stage as they engage in a titanic competition of skill and luck.

Four teams playing Counter-Strike GO will compete against each other. The team with the most points will play against the team that finished in fourth place after each team played each other, while the team in second place will play against the team in third in a knockout bracket. This will lead to two best-of-3 semi-finals and an exciting grand final. The conforming teams are Hellraisers, LVLup, Team Serbia and High MMR balkan stack.

Closing night

On August 24th, in the center of Serbia’s capital, The Hype Club will welcome visitors for a closing night. The venue chosen for this special night features Belgrade’s first luxury and high class club with stunning design. Club Hype is housed in a structure that symbolizes a meeting of famous, popular and artistic people in Savamala, Belgrade’s busiest nightlife district. A star-studded luxury event like this is not to be missed because of the beautiful views of the waterfront and bridges.

The Closing Night event provides top-notch entertainment for Belgrade’s thriving tech and gaming district. To end the conference in style, DJ JJoy and DJ Uppeke will keep the dance floor packed performing late into the night as SiGMA Group celebrates the success of their first major event held in the Balkans.

Celebrate with the Stars: The Awards Night

Debuting on the 22nd, the award will be the first of its kind for SiGMA Balkans. Celebrating the best and brightest in an ever-exciting, ever-growing, and ever-innovating industry that spans all four corners of the globe. Taking place at Belexpocentar itself, the ceremony will highlight industry pillars, from top game providers to affiliate trackers and eSports leaders.

Giving these industry titans their time in the spotlight, all attendees will be able to enjoy a luxurious night out like no other, with plenty of potential brand recognition points for smart sponsors.

After this ceremony among the stars, the night will move on to our much-lauded Charity Auction. This live auction will include both physical artwork and NFT collectibles, embracing SiGMA’s pro-innovation approach with all proceeds going to the SiGMA Foundation. The Foundation has supported efforts in the developing world since its inception, building schools in Ethiopia and strengthening the push for renewable energy in the Philippines.

Delight in Belgrade: the cultural tour

The Cultural Tour takes the participant on a journey from Belgrade’s ancient past to its enchanting present and beyond into its exciting future. A heritage center with an innovative and forward-thinking people, the tour guides its delegates through the city’s medieval and modern sights. From world-class restaurants to cafes in Belgrade’s panorama along the Danube and Sava rivers, a perfect introduction to the biggest metropolis in the Balkans.

Learn from the masters: The Conference

The conference will feature inspiring keynotes, insightful panels and educational workshops intended to empower the global iGaming industry. Featuring six different agendas covering regulation, marketing, affiliation, eSports and Tech and involving top speakers from the iGaming industry and beyond, the audience will gain insights from some of the leading pioneers and innovators in the global market.

Special Edition of SiGMA Magazine

Combining the industry-leading wisdom of SiGMA with the Tech expertise of the AIBC Summit, Spartan Edition is a unique fusion of top SiGMA Group Summits with a handpicked selection of thought leadership figures and reflections from some of the leading pioneers in the space. The magazine will feature an exclusive Spartan-inspired cover!