EstrelaBet bets on women's football and becomes a sponsor of the Gaucho Championship
EstrelaBet is already the master sponsor of Gurias Coloradas. Photo: Joao Callegari

The betting company EstrelaBet decided to bet on Brazilian women’s football. After closing a master sponsorship with the ‘Gurias Coloradas’ (International women’s team), the bookmaker will sponsor the Campeonato Gaúcho Feminino starting in the 2022 edition.

“The Campeonato Gaúcho Feminino Ipiranga is already a reality and is one of the great competitions of the gaucho football calendar. The proof of this is the great brands and companies that are linking their name to the competition, as is the case of EstrelaBet”, declared Luciano Hocsman, president of the Gaucho Football Federation (FGF).

The action is part of EstrelaBet’s strategic plan to further encourage national women’s football. For the bookmaker, men’s football holds the main sponsorship values, which tend to be repeated in lower amounts in women’s football, a stance that should change.

EstrelaBet director praises new sports partnership

“StarBet values ​​sport, football. Football is for everyone. Therefore, being with women’s football is one of our goals and we could not fail to be part of Gauchão”, said the director of EstrelaBet, Fellipe Fraga .

Fraga added: “The development process in the state is evident with the good performances at the national level, which makes the dispute much more competitive. We are proud to be alongside the Gaucho Football Federation in this process”.

This season, the Gaucho Championship will have a new dispute model, with eight teams separated into two groups in the first phase and the first two places of each group going to the final hexagonal, which will also have the participation of Grêmio and Internacional – current champions of the Women’s State Championship.

“For us, it is a great pleasure to start this partnership with the Gaucho Women’s Championship, which is one of the strongest in the country. Encouraging the sport and supporting it is one of our biggest goals, because we believe that our athletes need to have greater incentives, and not just a mirror of what is done in men”, stressed Rafael Zanette, marketing director of the company.

“We already have a recent support that has been giving a lot of results with Internacional, and our goal is to grow even more together with the female team. Support championships, regional and international disputes, individual athletes… The sky is the limit when we talk about sport in Brazil”, concluded Zanette.